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  1. You can try the solution in this link Problem "Couldn't set D3D Emulation mode" which worked for me.
  2. Because there is no answer from Scattorshot, I get the feeling that he just made a fake post in order to download a file. (Quote "Note you will need to make at least one post in the forum before downloading this file.")
  3. Oh, the great master Spawn himself replies. Thank you for the explanation. I have "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019 (V14.28.29325)", so this shouldn't cause any problems. Okay, I understand that loading any file included in a .REZ overwrites the previous versions of that file in memory. No matter if the previous file is an older or newer version of that file. I think it is not worth the efforts to search and repair the file in the Modernizer, which causes my problem on WinXP. In fact I am just one of only a few WinXP users, so save your time for more important things. All in all I am happy that I can play this amazing game . The scaled HUD, the framerate display and the reduced mouse stutter would have been a "nice to have", but not really important to spend any more time on this issue. Thanks again to all who helped me.
  4. In order to help you, we need more details. What is your PC operating system? What version of NOLF do you use? Does it crash when starting the launcher? Or is the launcher running fine and it crashes when loading the the main menu / title screen? Or is the menu / title running fine and it crashes when starting the game, i.e. first level?
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. But I mostly play old games for WinXP and DOS, therefore I don't want to change to Win7. I had no success trying to combine the different Modernizer versions and the "Object.LTO" from various REZ files. Either NOLF crashes while starting a level, or the game crashes at random occasions (for example when a shot misses the target). I give up to search for a solution. Anyway I will enjoy playing NOLF , but without scaling the HUD elements, showing the framerate and reducing mouse stutter. Again thanks for your help, orion98.
  6. I have tried playing some missions with your "TEST_NOLF_Modernizer_WinXP.zip". As you already mentioned, the game crashes at random occasions (without any failure message). For example when a shot misses the target, then the game crashes, so it is almost unplayable. The following software was updated: * DirectX 9.29 (2010-06, latest version working on WinXP) * Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2015-2019 (V14.28.29325) * .Net Framework 4.0 and 4.03 (latest versions working on WinXP) Problems still happen, so my previous software versions were not the cause of the failure. Now I will try different combinations of the Modernizer versions and various "Object.LTO" files. I extract these "Object.LTO" files from various REZ files, by using LithRez.exe included in the NOLFTools. Then I combine the extracted file with the Modernizer files and create a new "Modernizer_Max.REZ" using LithRez.exe
  7. The Modernizer ist working! You make me really happy, orion98. Thanks a lot for your extensive help and all the time you invested! I see the framerate count, and there is no mouse stutter. After downloading and installing your file "TEST_NOLF_Modernizer_WinXP.zip" the level 1 starts and plays the cutscene. I will play some missions and try to find out, if the game will crash later (as you mentioned). I am just curious: Does someone know the purpose of the deleted file "Object.lto"? It should be there for some reason.
  8. Thank you very, very much for your efforts, orion98 . Unfortunately neither the Modernizer nor both LithFix Beta's are working until now. But I will keep trying, because there are still a few things I can do, before I give up. Thanks for pointing out that LithFix is a possible alternative to Modernizer; I wouldn't have known that without your help. So far I have followed your post considering the two LithFix Beta versions and also the NOLF_Multilingual_GUI_Widescreen_Modernizer, but there was no success. Now I see that you have deleted that post, dust off your WinXP and give new recommendations in your updated post. The LithFix_for_WinXP.zip from Mediafire doesn't work for me out of the box. So I am currently trying to update my DirectX 9.0c to 9.29 (June 2010). In order to do so it seems that I have to update some DLL's which might be part of Visual C++ oder .Net Framework. The .Net Framework 4.0 and 4.03 are successfully installed, which are the latest versions working on WinXP (i.e. version 4.8 is not supported). The "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019" makes problems during installation, so I will try "Visual C++ Redistributable 2015" (currently I have "Visual C++ Redistributable 2012" which never caused any problems). Hopefully this leads to the installation of DirectX 9.29 (June 2010), as my current version is DirectX SDK (also from June 2010). I am going to post my progress and results in the next days. EDIT: Another thing I want to check: Is my "NOLF v1.004 GOTY with widescreen support" the same as "WidescreenGOTY" mentioned by Jake on his LithFix website (quote "This uses the WidescreenGOTY patch as a base"). Not sure if this might be the root of my problems.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion, orion98. I have deleted "D3DIM700.dll" from my game folder, but the game still crashes while starting level 1, if the "Modernizer" is turned on. Deleting "D3DIM700.dll" just solves a different problem "Couldn't set D3D Emulation mode". This error message appears after the launcher and while loading the title screen. Details can be found in my thread "Problem "Couldn't set D3D Emulation mode" on WinXP [Solved]".
  10. Happy New Year from Bavaria to everyone! We have snow here, but aren't allowed to go skiing. So I play NOLF.
  11. Try "Options --> Performance --> Display --> Lightmaps" setting to OFF. Thus you can get rid of the "rainbow", but also miss some shadow and light effects.
  12. I think this "rainbow" overlay is normal, because my graphics look similar. It even gets worse if you set 16 bit colors instead of 32 bit. By the way: The texture itself is okay. It seems that the "rainbow" is caused by the lighting overlay.
  13. Thank you for the quick reply, Eliteone. If the Modernizer doesn't support WinXP, then I have no chance to scale the HUD elements, show the framerate and reduce mouse stutter. I will enjoy NOLF anyway, which is in my list of greatest games of all time. EDIT: I just found an info about "NolfRevival version will not load 1.006 - Modernizer" on https://www.spawnsite.net/index.php?foresporsel=various&&vis=nolf_install&&article=modernizer Unfortunately the suggested solution doesn't work for me. But maybe this can help other users with a similar problem.
  14. The game "NOLF v1.004 GOTY" (English) runs without any problems on my WinXP. But when I try to use the "Modernizer", the game crashes while starting level 1 (returning to Windows desktop without any failure message). Maybe someone had a similar problem and can give me a hint to solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Otherwise I will still be happy to play this great game without the Modernizer. Further information: I tried "Modernizer 1.005 Patch 1", "Modernizer 1.005 Patch 2" and "Modernizer 1.006 Patch 3.1". All with the same crash result. There are no other mods or language packs installed. Just the patches included in the GOTY edition download (1.004, no CD crack, widescreen support). No widescreen needed. I prefer the screen ratio 4:3. WinXP is 32 bit, Service Pack 2. My PC hardware is good enough to run NOLF (without Modernizer) at full graphic settings without any frame rate drops. Installation of the Modernizer ("Custom" folder) and starting it with the launcher ("Advanced --> Customize") causes no problems. In the title screen I get the Jukebox, the framerate lock to 60 FPS and other Modernizer options. I can start a game, get the mission briefing and see the loading screen. At the beginning of level 1 (Training at HQ) the game crashes, when it usually should start the intro video (truck in snow, spy gets shot). Same result when I try to load a previous game save, which I played without Modernizer.
  15. I solved the problem "Couldn't set D3D Emulation mode" on WinXP (32 bit). I post this to help other users who have the same problem with NOLF1. Solution 1: Delete the file "D3DIM700.dll" from your game folder. or Solution 2: Overwrite the file in your game folder with the file "D3DIM700.dll" from the package "Modernizer 1.006 Patch 3.1". Both solutions work for me, but I prefer solution 2, because this file should be there for some reason. Maybe an experienced user from this forum knows the advantage of overwriting and using this file, instead of simply deleting it.
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