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  1. Nofood4u

    HaPpY NEwyeAR

    hApPy neWYEar !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nofood4u

    Nolf still exists

    Definitely just read some old topics. Stuff's awesome
  3. Nofood4u

    LivesForeverPlus Mod

    yeah, when it works... so it is failing at the moment? Right, like i said. I just dont like the split server deal. Smiles, and Kisses now! Food
  4. Nofood4u

    LivesForeverPlus Mod

    Well, this mod sounds like its failing. Why are we converting from Neo's "Lives Forever" mod? its working just fine. Now we hafta juggle through 2 different mods to join 2 servers. Lets just keep it simple maybe? Smiles and Hugs, Food
  5. Nofood4u

    Bad news!

    Oh rocks my boy, you keep having those fantasies. Although not normal, i wouldn't go around telling about them, people may think you are strange, and we wouldn't want that, now would we!
  6. Nofood4u

    Bad news!

    To Fuzzy: I hate you From: Food
  7. Nofood4u

    Bad news!

    hahah, like i said before, i doubt you would be the one to do it, but i am quite confident of my abilities to make it happen!
  8. Nofood4u

    Bad news!

    WTF!!! man, now i can't get banned form a sfi server again! bummer, it was always fun when that happened
  9. Nofood4u

    Black Screen

    Heya my friends. So i'm having a problem with nolf... when i get a status effect i get blessed with a black screen. I can still see my health, ammo, and hud, however, but rest is black. This happens when i'm Under the water, Glued, on Fire, poisoned, and aleep. It doesn't happen, however, when i'm stunned, banana, or electricuted. Help plz
  10. Nofood4u

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Ah, so heaty, u mean ur the butt of the lion and i'm the head? i quite agree. Yea, i know, i haven't been around much cuz school and sports=dominating my life. But yea... i did get a pretty sweet guitar and stuff.
  11. Nofood4u

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Well, i know bella and E1 and the otha moderators don't like me very much but it WAS my birthday on dec 3rd.... *sniff* i feel so left out! but yea, happy b-day to all the other peoples
  12. Nofood4u


    Actually, we don't shave down for polo, just shows how dumb you are Blue, what is your problem. Did ur mom spank you too hard today or something? I've been away because i've been doing what we people who have a life is called school. I know u miss having ur butt handed to u on a silver platter, but u'll just hafta wait till a vacation.
  13. Nofood4u


    dude, does spelling really matter on the internet? especially when u know exactally what he's saying... seriously
  14. Nofood4u


    U think i don't know that? i'm not talking about that. We are on the discussion of me getting banned for a bogus accusation, should i repeat it? Foxsy isn't talking like the sky will fall, he knows what its like to be called a hacker and how frusterating it is and how dumb it is to get banned for it, however i don't expect you to know how that feels
  15. Nofood4u


    I understand that banning for dropping "f bombs like a mother" is legit in your books. We arn't talking about that now if u've noticed.