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  1. yeah ive already got it running like that. it seems to be more input based tho
  2. had visual issuse when i first started to play NOLF 1 but you peeps helped me out. thanks for that now i want to continue the story but its infuriatingly hard to aim even while standing still
  3. i tried Contract J.A.C.K. too and it has the same issue
  4. so the dpi thing is not the problem. heres a demo of the issue. i messed with it all the way to 100 dpi and it still happened. also messed with ALL the mouse settings
  5. ohhhhh. yeah isnt there a thing where some old games need a lower DPI or it craps out?
  6. ive noticed a "feature?" of the game and i was hoping to find out how to get rid of it. when looking around with the mouseview, the veiw wobbles up and down when turning horiconally and left and right when looking vertically. it makes it very hard to aim. ive turnied off mouse smoothing, weapon sway and head bobbing to try and fix it to no avail.
  7. i set up DGVoodoo2 and it works like a charm!!!! Thanks Spawn!
  8. yeah there's a driver update. gonna try that and see what happens its still running nice and flickerey.......
  9. yeah ive tried it. im gonna try complete removal and see if that fixes it Update: NOPE *bangs head against desk*
  10. I just found this game on MyAbandoneware, and i decided to give it a go. But im having a lot of trouble with the graphics on the 3d models flickering all over the place. Here's a short video i made with OBS showing what happens. Ive also already tried the modernization patch, and ive tried the install from the revival site. https://youtu.be/gStEg6PRlBQ noticed a lot of people posting their specs with posts like these so here's mine.
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