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  1. I have no idea what I broke, but now it says that directx isn't even installed. See, I already had dgVoodoo 2 installed and had copied those files, but I thought that maybe I had done something wrong whilst doing it previously, so I re-downloaded it and deleted the previous one. Game wont launch properly, now. I'd upload pictures to clarify, but it keeps stating that the files are too large. Sorry if this seems strange, as I'm quite new to online forums and such.
  2. Thanks, but that's the patch that I thought had initially fixed the issue. It seems as though it can't be helped, so I'll probably just play it as-is. Thanks for the help, though.
  3. Yeah. Fixed the clipping, but mouse stuttering is still there.
  4. Yeah, I had thought initially that I had fixed the issue, but it's back. None of the patches I've installed have helped the issue. It didn't start until I installed dgVoodoo, which I needed in order to see underwater since everything would go black once I went in water. I'm not using a gaming mouse either, just a cheap jellycomb wireless mouse, but I tried my brother's mouse and the issue persisted. Any help is appreciated, as I'd really love to get into this game, but aiming is quite difficult with the mouse stutter.
  5. Edit: found a patch that fixed both FPS on some systems and mouse stuttering on others, and that fixed the issue. I may have been a bit hasty. So, I was having the same issue with the screen going black whilst diving into water and such, but your methods fixed the issue. However, a new issue has risen in the form of this strange character and mouse behavior. My mouse now seems to get caught on nothing whilst I try to free-look around, and my character seemingly gets caught on edges and invisible walls that weren't there before I installed these patches. Any ideas as to why?
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