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  1. he would be better then some of these guys they're talking about.Hes just a little on the Bruce Willis side though.Not because of the hair.just the overall "ruggedness".
  2. LOL! Charles Bronson sucks! Remember Deathwish?I think he made like 53 sequels to that movie.He was one pissed off architect!
  3. Yeah I think I read somewhere that Brosnan was supposed to be in A view to a kill but couldn't because of the remington Steele contract.
  4. Too swishy indeed! That dude would call the whole mission off if he broke a nail!
  5. Well if They get Ben Affleck to be the next bond,i'm going to bungee jump off the Empire state building without a chord!
  6. When I found out Pierce got the boot,I was DIIIIIIIIIIIIISGUSTED!!!! He was IMO the Best bond ever!OK,check this out.I know some might not agree with me on this but I think that if it wasn't for Pierce Brosnan,we might not have the nolf series in the first place.BS you say? read on. Ok,first off Timothy Dalton Killed James Bond back in the 80's.He didn't just kill Bond,He DESTROYED bond! For the next 6 years audiences thought that a guy like James Bond simply could not exist.The cold war was over,who needs bond right?Well thats when Pierce Brosnan stepped in and filled some mighty big shoes thanks to Connery and Moore.I mean ,you just cant take some pretty boy,put him in a tux and expect it to work!Well needless to say,Pierce more then got the job done and brought the James Bond series back to life. Well like any movie thats successful,of course we need a game to go with it.Thats when goldeneye for the N64 was released.And IMO changed gaming and FPS. In the 1960's America was fascinated with the whole "secret agent" idea thanks to James bond. Like any trend,it was just a matter of time before it made a return.This time it came back in another form.Videogames.And thats when NOLF was born. Now don't get me wrong here.I'm not saying that NOLF "ripped off" N64's Goldeneye,but I think It was definitely inspired by it.Theres nothing wrong with that.Just like music you can break it down and have a timeline.If Elvis never sang then maybe Robert Plant wouldn't have been inspired to sing etc.etc.etc. on down the line.If Gene Krupa or Chick Webb(amazing jazz drummers)Never played then maybe Buddy rich(drumming god) would not have been inspired to play etc.etc.etc on down the line. Before Goldeneye,first person shooters went like this......Shoot that guy!Find the key!Shoot that guy!Find the key!Shoot that guy!Find the key! Shoot that guy!Find the key!Shoot that guy!Find the key!Shoot that guy!Find the key! Now where does Pierce Brosnan fit into this?well I think that if He ended up Being a lousy bond,then Rare(the creators of goldeneye) would not have been inspired to make such a great game to follow it.And then its possible then that Mololith would not have released NOLF. I'm usually a stubborn guy when it comes to liking anything new.I know thats a crummy attitude to have but thats just the way I am.And this way of thinking also effects other things that I used to like.I remember when I was a kid, I LOVED japanese animation and manga.I was obsessed with Ranma 1/2 and Dragon ball z.This was back in the early 90's before everyone knew what japanimation was.Then american skaters got a hold of it and totally exploited it! you couldn't walk down the street without seeing a poser with some wanna-be japanimation babe on his t-shirt.I was embarrased just to say I like japenese animation.A lot of these kids thought they were making some kind of statement like "I'm cool" or "I'm different" but really what they were saying is "I buy clothes from wallmart".Ok I'm just rambling at this point.back on topic. Well anyway, I went to see goldeneye very sceptical.I thought that Connery and Moore could not be matched.Mr Brosnan had to convince me that he was bond.It took about 3 minutes! When he was at the facility surrounded by all those guards and he hid behind that rack full of explosives And the look on the guards faces like "you gotta be kidding me"I was WIGGING OUT!I mean,you don't understand! I was jumping in and out of my seat cheering him on and laughing at the same time! I caused a SCENE! Other people in the theatre must of been like "what the hells wrong with that kid?" I didn't care though!Bond was back in action.And I'm a dork! what did they expect? Well now that Pierce retired his Walther ppk,I don't have much hope for the bond series.I don't know.I heard so many rumors about who the next bond will be.Mel Gibsons name even came up a few times.Hes a good actor but give me a break.And some of these other dudes they talked about getting,Please! "The names Bag...........douchebag." Since I'm just blabbing away at this point,I'm just going to cut my self off now.But Pierce brosnan was truly James Bond and his work will stand right along side with the greats such as Connery and moore and he will be missed.Ok I'm out of here!
  7. Yeah Natter,you Gen and sp@zz are right.DD is where all the action is.Im just used to DM because those maps ran well on my old crappy PC.DD maps were to choppy for it to handle. Now that i have a actual PC,its time for me to graduate to DD!
  8. Hey KNIX,I agree with you and disagree with you at the same time.I think that your right.If this site was a NOLF2 only,yes it would attract people to the game. And looking at how dead the servers have been lately,we could really use some new players.But at the same time it would be a overkill not to mention extremely mean to kickout nolfers and CJers and make this a NOLF2 site.I know TGF and The site that shall not be named don't take kindly to NOLF2ers.I never registered there because I have this bad habit of "having a opinion" myself.I'm automatic BANNING material. But the point I'm trying to make is that if E1 made this a NOLF2 only site and banned NOLF1ers then she would just be playing the same juvenile game that they are playing,even if unintentionally.I think what Unityhq is about is well.........i hate to say this but I'm going to have to............UNITY!(hows that for some cheesy corn )Unity between the 3 games.Unity between the players of these games to come and hang out.A chance to get it right. I want to see new people getting into this game too,but making it only NOLF2,it seems that the bad would out weigh the good. I thought CJ was a bad game.But if i was talking to a group of people who seemed to enjoy the game i would have enough respect for them not to say "I hate CJ myself" because it would just be a dumb,rude,cocky,punk-a$$,little school girl thing to say. Hey KNIX if you do break your foot ,I would be more then happy to pay the doctor bill!
  9. I would have got back to you guys sooner but my connection was out for a few days.Anyway,i got the radio working and i rezzed it up successfully.Thanks to all 3 of you guys for helping me out! I also learned a lot from your old postings at other sites
  10. Hey thanks guys.uuum,i'm still a little confused about rezzing though.heres what i do.I make a "mymap.rez" file. then i rename it to "DM_mymap.rez and put it in my custom I load up nolf2 ,click multiplayer at the title screen and choose "host"i look at all the maps to choose from(kios japan unityhq etc.)looking for "mymap.rez".instead i get "demolition". Yeah i'm greedy! .actually the first 2 maps i'm making are concept the 1st one is a replica of my old apartment i used to live in.its actually a lame map unless you know where you are so i don't think anyone would enjoy it.the second one is just..................wrong......WAY WRONG! i would love to release it because its actually a neat stage, but its sooooooo wrong ,it makes san andreas "hot coffee" look like super mario bros.If anyone under 18 were to get their hands on it i would go to hell! But the third stage that i'm making is intended for release,because it is actually set up for gameplay.but so few people play custom maps,I feel like I might be to late to release it now anyway.
  11. I'm working on a few maps right i might release if people like it and a few I'm working on just for myself.I have a few questions.hopefully i can get some help on these. 1.i would like to make a radio playing a custom .wav i selected with the ability to turn it off and on with a switch.I got the .wav to play in the area i want but how do i make a switch to turn it on and off? 2.I would like to make a bot that attacks on sight.i followed the directions in the Dedit .doc but when i test the game and walk close to it,it always"begs for his life"can someone explain how to set up a bot and maybe some tips about AI behaviors in general ? 3. how do i rez maps for DM? and how do i set them up in my nolf2 folder so i can play the final map online?last time i processed my map i put it in my customs folder and when i tried to select my map in the actual game to play online it somehow turned into the demolition mod.even though the rez file was my map in the customs folder.(hope that makes sense).Also any tips or steps i should take before rezzing a map? thanks
  12. Ok,its working now.Thanks E1
  13. Ok,I just downloaded the anti cheat fix.I unzipped it and put it in my C:\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods folder.When i try to join the anti cheat server it tells me its a different version.what am I doing wrong?I'm not getting a custom button to check the dxfix box like I'm supposed to.Is it because my game is installed to C: instead of C:\program files?
  14. BTW,i realize what i said above is a bit off topic,but i jumped into this a little late and just wanted to make my feelings about the whole gay thing clear.