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  1. I stopped playing Aion, got bored of it... and my year subscription ran out yesterday.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, trying out free MMOs for now, like Dynasty Warriors Online, which is in beta for now.


    TF2- started playing again this year, updates are fun! I'm on steam- El Zerro (current nickname). I play this the most, dead ringer spy's my favorite class.

    Also play zombie games- L4D/2, killing floor.


    I have a character in SL too, play it off and on, Z3RR0 Hax (with a zero).



  2. Funny I get the same problem (as on your screenshot) on one of my custom maps, just reloading it helps (restarting the game most of the time). I'll post something if I ever know what's causing it and fix it, doesn't happen all the time.


    My specs: Win64/7, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400, 4GB, GeForce 260GTX OC maxcore55, on board sound (realtek).

  3. I'm on win7 64, i have nolf2.exe & lithtech.exe set to Run as admin + win2k mode, reinstalling it made it work (clean installed the OS, tried to run without fully installing and updating).


    When you get CD-key error, nolf is working, but the mod isn't active.

    To make sure nolf itself is 100% working, try launching a lan DD game. If that doesn't load, reinstall, re-apply all patches.

  4. FYI


    Verified fix- **This applies only to the server playes need to take no action.**


    1. Open the server profile (example: E:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Profiles\Player.txt) configuration.

    2. Scroll to the bottom, look for "UseSkills = TRUE". (It is under the Cooperative heading, this is correct. It will apply to TDM and DD.)

    3. Change TRUE to FALSE. Save the changes.

    4. Reboot the server or restart the nolf2 dedicated program.


    So now, even if elzerro has 10000000 assigned to armor, the server will force defaults.



  5. Skill mods only work if the server option is on (applies to both LAN and Internet). It is a shared set- Co-Op and DD use the same, otherwise the (unfortunately modded too!) default values are on.

    So this means you will have extra ammo if the server option is Off no matter the skills.


    Originally this was a mod for the POOP one, but somehow the code transferred over to the source I used to create LF.



    If nobody minds the change (that means everyone will have to download an updated copy) and ppl voluteer to beta test, I can re-do the mod so that it's closest to the original game.

  6. ;owejf09whf13ohdfasl!!!!



    yes i still exist in the matrix...haven't modded much since work + biz im running...

    i still do some work on maps, code, etc... here's some:






















    2 sections to a mission that will take apprx 30 minutes to complete. The first section is 96% complete, the second is about 80%

    Has some music per event, will have some sort of communication to the player via the mechanical bird or monkey ;)

    Has some modified enemies muwahhaha

  7. I'm up for re-compiling it (re-download the original code, make the lil mod, then adding some anti-cheats as well, no chance of other mods mixed in), lemme know if this is something we would want to do- would mean everyone who uses LivesForever to switch to the next one.


    Seems like the skills system enabling mod was still there somehow...It is a server option (all players can change skills outside a match, server must enable it in order to play with the player's attributes, Skills are on by default I think).


    Core carrier speed- code mod unfortunately, this cannot be changed via server settings.

  8. Thought this would happen so I went ahead and dug up the source :lol:


    I just made a mod called LivesForever- Both the server and clients must use run it, just like any mod to by-pass the *dead* master server.

    ***You must still use Join-by-IP tool/Batch Files/Gamespy.



    Test it:

    If there's no probs go ahead and upload it to your server.








    If you have problems running a dedicated server, there are quick ways around it (ie run as LAN game, then edit the LANONLY feature in the server profile).

  9. Poop maps refers to maps on the poop.rez resource file. In other words, it's a mappack (when in Resources folder).


    Grotto map was made esp to be compatible with both poop and retail. There might be some effects missing or non-functional parts (ie: you can't kill the fish, not important, just a minor difference).

    Flying map- I wouldn't recommend playing retail- it would be like the DD cable car map...without the cable car; one heck of a loooong walk. And won't be able to fly to the Unity building and such.

    Ruins map v1.1...this one might be better than the older version...it features some fixes and enhancements (won't be able to access the new area, no adverse effect on gameplay/completion).



    So yeah, attach that (poop.rez) to the mappack if y'all want- i would love to see anything i've made used ^^

    server setup: Add all, remove Turbulence in Tula (flying map), whatever else, done.

    (hmm we gotta upload the giant mappack and use poop at the same time someday. go up them maps with ramps and never come down yeehaw)


    ...back to mapping and effect making and programming and scripting and configuring and pulling my hair out in frustration.


  10. You can do this in the poop server. (i know, we, or, i havent removed the pw yet have i?).

    Pretty much use any "glitch", but don't do the one-way-shoot-glitches and such while a game is going.


    I say, if you can shoot and get shot back outside usual gaming areas, go for it. And hey, if you want to waste your time hiding over fragging, whatever. Takes 5 mins to get up there, 2 secs to die.



  11. Yeah the video is a bit dated, what I have now is: working health bar, heli moves a lot more. Different rockets, they move slower, so you may defend yourself by shooting them. And yeah there's enough (rockets fired at a time, life) for 2-4 players and still be fun. Did a tiny bit of alpha testing ^^


    Exploding car now has 2 lights when blown up to add to the fire effect- 1 static, the other dynamic- it strobes a bit.


    Music- still working on making 1 set work, I want to have 2+. Half-life won't be on it.


    If you do start your project, let me know to see if I can get help. Proly best when you get stuck or something (my objects/data are different and might cause some stuff to be undone if we were to pass maps around).