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  1. Howdy. Is there a way to emulate the PS2 version of the game onto PC in order to play those flashback missions? Cheers.
  2. So, it bugs the heck out of me that when I swap back and forth between weapons, I have the default ammo loaded when I go back to the first weapon (i.e., I select dum dum rounds for the Shepherd, then switch to the carbine to take out someone long-range, then switch back to the Shepherd it will be loaded with Phospho rounds instead of the dum dums). Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Well, I installed Nvidia Inspector, which allowed me to cap the framerate (in the revival version and the one I downloaded from UnityHQ), which was nice, but now I can't stream it because of sudden network issues. This only happens with NOLF; has never happened in two+ years of streaming. Darn. What is DGVoodoo? I doubt twitch matters here; OBS (the program I use to stream) is the more likely culprit.
  4. Hey folks. I played through NOLF and NOLF 2 recently. Enjoyed them immensely. I also streamed this gameplay. I ran into some issues and would like advice on these issues, especially the first game; NOLF 2's biggest issue (texture weirdness/crashing) was fixable/not too bad after Siberia. Running Windows 7. The cutscenes played too fast; running the game on a modern PC causes the framerate to be too high. K. No problem; I had the same issue when I first tried to play Deus Ex a year ago. Articles on the web confirmed; cap it to 60 fps and things'll be fine. Cool. Couldn't
  5. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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