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  1. Nevermind, I'm an idiot & was jumping in the wrong direction. I was surprised as this is the first time I've struggled with a bit of NOLF. Still would love some advice on the slow running speed though.
  2. As the title states, I simply cannot do the snowmobile jump to get to the power station in Siberia. to plant the last bomb. I have dexterity problems from severe health issues & I suck big time at driving vehicles in games. I have tried a dozen times & fall to my death. I didn't have half this much trouble in Half Life 2 & I HATED that goddamn buggy. I'm wondering if the Modernizer mod is making it worse. Vehicle & walking speed is kinda slow & I don't think I'm getting enough velocity to make the jump. Also the turns the vehicle make are very extreme & fiddling with
  3. Hello folks. Sorry for the long wait for my reply. I got pneumonia and was really sick for a month. Ended up in hospital. Alas it didn't work. Disabling anti-virus doesn't work. I am REALLY stuck. I'm going to see if I can buy a small WASD or onehanded keyboard/macro to sit on top of my laptop. That's the only solution I have. Wish I knew why it crashes on Controls. Thank you all for your help. If you have any other ideas, pls let me know.
  4. Editing this file might be THE way to go. I'll give it a try!(I did a similar ini edit of Murdered Soul Suspect as it didn't have ANY custom keybinds) I'll report back when I've done it if it works. Thank you so much! This forum is the greatest ! Edit: Forgot to ask: what line would I need to write to bind 'Crouch' to Right Control?
  5. Alas I did use your file. That's what baffles me, as everything else from the download works super-well and the game runs great.(Your NOLF 1 file wouldn't let you change the controls either, (I understand that is a common NOLF bug on 64bit64 systems)but you could at least get to the 'Change Control ' option- even if none of the changes stuck. I got around the problem by using a tool like Key Tweak to temporarily change default keyboard bindings on my laptop-easy to reverse & uninstall) but I un-installed that when I thought it might be interfering with NOLF2.) I did notice there is a fi
  6. The only option I have for Windows XP compatibility is Service Pack 3. It immediately crashes to this notice after I hit 'Play.' Tried running it in other versions of Windows and while the game will load fine, it always crashes on the ' Configure Controls' command.
  7. The game is fine when I click on 'Controls'. It's the submenu AFTER that to configure keybinds. Excuse potato quality of pic, for some reason the game won't screenshot on my pc).If I click on the 'Configure Controls' it crashes to desktop immediately. So I can't even get to the key bindings.IDK what could be causing this. Thank you for replying- I wasn't optimistic anyone would be here!
  8. Hi I really hope someone can help me. I'm trying to play the NOLF2 revival on a laptop. I loved NOLF 1 after getting it working with your helpful links to DG Voodoo. I'm left-handed and have severe arthritis in my hands so I REALLY need to reconfigure the controls from WASD to arrow keys (Pls don't tell me to 'just get used to WASD'' as a lot of right-handed gamers do,that is not an option for me.) IDK but why it crashes on the controls to change keybinds. I noticed when installing a registry value to 'disable sticky keys 'appears. Disabling a file of the same name doesn't hel
  9. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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