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  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!
  2. I'm trying to make a mappack that will have all the NOLF2 maps included, and here is my list so far: DM Severnaya Bunker FacingWorlds MonkeyPalace UNITYDaycare MAZE Clubdead Two Worlds Desert Oasis Fun Tourney Forest Temple Aqua Odin Discount-Warehouse Snowkill Monolith-City BrickWood Mall DD SEWER Garden Gothic SpaceStation GhostTown STONEHENGE WAR_IN_WIZENTHRICK SUNSET_SHOWDOWN Suburban_Conflict Snowed_In Neighborhood MonkeyMadness Leaving Los Alamos Exile_To_Egypt Caribbean Cable Car Station Brutal in Brussels DD_Blue_Sky Cave If anyone knows any others, or and at all TDM maps, please post a link to them to help make this complete as it can!
  3. Wow, a laptop in the top 2%, yeaa! Awsome link, thanks!
  4. Kiss Pinball owned, and everyone knows it. But honestly, WAY TO GO NOLF!
  5. Sauron, for his great help with Clan Jaguar, and keeping the 24x7x365 (JAG) Sniper Hell server up!
  6. Okay, first, the pics. The test system. 2.26 Ghz Pentium M (3.4 Ghz in desktop, about) 2GB Ram 6800 GO Ultra One of my favorite things about Vista is the new WMP 11. A ton different than the other versions, it no longer list the songs and bands in a long, loonngg, list, but rather, split it by Artist, than Album, than list the songs as seen in this pic. Now the bad thing with this, is if you ripped the CD yourself and made any changes to the album, its going to split it up, and make things real messy. Overall, I like the style of it way more, and look forward to this. This is interesting for me to try out. I have a notebook, and the new notebook controls are great. They also make it easy to change resolution, and generally there are improvements here. Internet Explorer 7. A neat little piece of software, shows no resemblance to the last build what-so-ever. It's confusing for me, and with no refresh button (Well there is one, next to the address bar, try spotting it, let alone easily clicking it. All this needs is a refresh key. Comeon now! This is interesting. Windows now rates your computer 1-5 on how good it is, than suggest programs for it, though in this build, it wasn't ready yet. I expect this to come along, and really be more of a showoff piece, and maybe, you will see instead of System Requirements, the System Number needed to run your newest PC game. ---------------------------------------------------- Windows Vista. It is Microsoft's latest attempt at World Domination. The first thing you will notice is the difference in the design of the taskbar, and of the icons. You'll also notice a new button in the quick launch, which is two windows on top of one another sideways. You'll click it, but nothing will happen, yet. As you boot up Internet Explorer, even if it is just to download Firefox, you will notice more changes. IE has also received a face lift. Beauty is only skin deep though, as the arrangement of the icons make it hard to control, and kind of hard to get a grasp on straight away. However, after you have learned your way around it, you'll start to like it. Now as for the main structure of Vista, it's no more C:/Documents and Settings/, its just C:/Users/. However, this is slightly confusing. You do not have a My Documents folder, nor a My Music inside of that, or even a My Pictures, yes, those are separate folders. Why you ask, anyone's guess. Speaking of music, you now have WMP 11. A new stylish approach at handing you music and videos. Gone are the days of scrolling though song after song after song, instead, it's by artist, than by their album, and WMP 11 looks STUNNING too. As for gaming. This is a beta, and I hope they fix it. It is horrible. I just finished up Half Life 2, and I was able to run it maxed with no stutter at all at a good rate of 60 FPS. Installing and playing it on Vista, I hardly managed 20. Nuff said. Now for Windows little surprises, and your going to love these. The new alt-tab rocks. Instead of an icon, and having to think is this the window I want open, you now have a real time thumbnail. I could not take a screenshot of this. Now this isn't the only thing that does this. Point your mouse over the taskbar icons, and you also get a pop-up of an icon. It's great, and helps a ton. Remember that little Window on top of Window sideways button I told you about? Have a few windows open and need to see everything? Click it. You now have a 3D desktop. All your windows are now on top of each other, like a filing system. Great! Another thing, you now have thumbnails on the desktop for pictures, GREAT! The absolute worst thing about Vista. Windows Defender. Trying to move a file? It takes 8-10 clicks, after granting permission, and confirming you want to move it. It is one reason to stay with Xp. This little piece of software can tell your admin account that you don't have the right to move a MP3 or Word Document. FIX IT OR I'M NOT BUYING IT! In review, Windows Vista rocks, it really does, with a brand new sparking interface, and some great features, but overall, Windows Defender makes it horrible, along with it being in Beta mode, which makes it unstable. I'll keep it updated right here.
  7. NICK! Quit bumping this thread! I have no time to work at it at the moment, with like school, not like someone over in Dubai!! After I finish this semester, I will get it out!
  8. Hmm, time to bring out a UNITY Fight For America(Yes, I am still working on that) level a bit early
  9. Okay, for those that don't know, me and my buddy 006 have been working on a map called Base5. A WW2 military base level that will not only include a new level, but wepond sounds, backgrounds, and everything else you can image. This started 6 months ago. We are now almost finished with Base5. As yoou load up the level, explosions will roar though your speakers, and then a fire storm of WW2 wepondtry being shot off will also echo. At every major explosion, the screen will violently shake, adding even more realism to level. Also, every building in games have had a texture for the window and the room that was suppose to be behind it, but we have accually modeled in the rooms, so you can truly be immersed in the gameplay. I have attached a few screenshots, and I'd love to hear comments on it.
  10. I dont think they have yet, because I still see them playing.
  11. Im pretty sure the DOA you're thinking of that formed a long time ago died, and the new DOA, which formed about a year ago, was just named that from a line in a movie
  12. Spyder007


    No Snap is bacially where you build your map out of one sided brushes, and not the default 6 sided ones. It can help reduce lag, and make the file size smaller, but if you do not use it right, you can destroy a map. Heres a link for a little bit more abotu No-Snap, its for NOLF 1, but the same still applies for NOLF 2. No Snap