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  1. Up to Chapter 13 now. Only in-game crash since Chapter 5 was after picking up Doctor Schenker's glasses in Chapter 11, the rest have been from loading screens. I did suffer the timing issue in Chapter 8 the getaway which i fixed by setting the frame rate to 30 fps Other in game bugs would relate to crouching and carrying bodies, where movement is really slow or non existent and i have to adjust by turning around and walking sideways or backwards. All minor bugs. Hopefully I can finish the game within the next two days without major issue. If you're asking me about my fps, I have it unlocked. I just checked and its running at over 400-500 fps lol
  2. I played Chapter 5 without major issue yesterday except for one thing. In a walkthrough it should there was a 200 xp spy manual in the hunting cabin but I had no way of getting to it. When I try to jump over the small gorge (the one right before the power relay station), right before the jump the snowmobile suddenly speeds up and I go flying into the air to the point I die everytime I land. No matter how slow or careful I tried to take the jump. I have taken your advice and restarted the game with no mods and used cheats to get to the start of chapter 6. It did crash once after loading a level though, so that doesn't inspire much confidence.
  3. I was running both nolf.exe and lithtec.exe in Windows XP SP3 mode before trying to get rid of the bugs in Chapter 4. I changed both to Windows XP SP2 mode prior to either the tape reel section or the computer platform rising section. It didn't fix either of those two bugs and I haven't played the game long enough to notice if it has helped fixed the other issues I'm getting. Will play some more tonight. It was the LiveForever Plus mod that helped fix the tape reel machine.
  4. I'm having the exact issue but managed to find a way around it. Also on Windows 7 64 bit. I disabled the LivesForver mod and then it crashes with the Client MFC Application as stopped working message when I try to load the save game. I enabled the LivesForever Plus mod and its working! Now the pop option to input the M-9 numbers or random numbers shows up. For the record, this game is really buggy for me. Everything in chapter 4 has been a struggle. I kept falling through the floor in the computer room leading to the central archives. The platform rises but I just fall through. I managed to get around that by sticking to the computer as close as possible and constantly trying jump onto it. Turning on/off lights causes the game to crash so I avoid that. Graphical glitches and artifacts starting at the old records building, alt tabbing back to desktop and back to the game removes them. More random in-game crashes when I had none in the previous ones.
  5. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.