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  1. Yeah its there. I've reinstalled it several times and its still not having it :')
  2. Oh poo, its saying this now. *shrug* I should maybe try this again when I'm not tired...
  3. The .dll file is not in the Tools folder.
  4. Sure did, followed everything on the tutorial to the T. It's a downloaded version of the game, no disks.
  5. I also have no idea how to use the .ABC files *sigh*
  6. Thank you! Got that all up and running, thank you for the tutorial! I wanted to just mess around for a little while to see if i can come up with something good :') I did, however, enocounter a problem. Once i try to load my .rez file from the DEdit, it comes up with an error message that says "error copying file cshell.dll." why cant i just have a day where i dont have a problem with these games
  7. Hello, me again :') I was wondering how on earth I create a mod for NOLF 1, I have NOLFTools but I'm unsure what to do after that. Any help at all would be very much appreciated. Again, i apologise if this isn't in the right place. Thank you in advance!~
  8. Thank you so much for all your help! My copy is in English yeah, and thank you for the link! This one has the custom option for me!
  9. Yeah, its fully installed, i can play the game but theres no custom button under the play button.
  10. Yes, sorry. Probably should've specified that :')
  11. Hello! Thank you so much for your reply! I already had the custom folder, I even deleted it and readded it and the two other folders just in case to no avail. I can't think what the problem could be. It worked perfectly fine before hand. I downloaded the 1.3 update just to be sure and it wasn't that either. Very frustrating >_<
  12. Hey all! Just reinstalled NOLF 2 as I got a new laptop and the custom option isn't appearing when I load the game to play. Does anybody have a fix for this please? Its Windows 10 with an Intel Core 13 processor. (I suck at computers so I'm not sure what else to put here :') ) Also, I'm sorry if this isn't in the correct place. Thank you in advance!
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