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  1. {GD}Independent

    Old player

    I totally remember you! You sure DID tag me! A lot! lol
  2. {GD}Independent


    Do my eyes deceive me, or did Bella sorta just drop an F-Bomb?!?!? I never thought I'd live to see the day!
  3. {GD}Independent


    smoke break wife bitching anyone wanna play DM with me?
  4. No, no, no, and no. They'll choose whomever they think will benefit them on the ticket. Usually they try to get someone who will balance them out. For example, if they're weak on foreign policy (or at least *perceived* to be) they'll choose someone who's strong in it. Just as a recent f'rinstance, President Bush chose Dick Cheney, who had never even run for prez before. Hillary will likely chose Evan Bayh. How does that provide balance? Well, for one, she's universally despised...
  5. Impossible to say. I used to think it would be Rudy easily. But he's playing a very different strategy than has ever been played before -- namely, ignoring the early primary states and kicking off his bid in Florida. Will he have ceded too much ground by then? Only time will tell. Looks like Huckabee's Iowa win might have been a fluke, thank God. The only conservative thing about that man is his Bible-thumping. McCain's New Hampshire win came on the backs of GD Independents and crossover Democrats. Few other states are likely to have that kind of thing happen. if McCain wins the presidency, you can rename this country Northern Mexico. I'm hoping Fred Thompson comes on strong when he kicks off his push in South Carolina, but I'm not really expecting him to get it. For now, I'm hanging my hat on Romney, and I was so glad to see my state give him the nod last night! Go Mitt!
  6. I love lots of different genres. Everything but rap, would pretty much sum it up. Here's an artist I'm currently crazy about: and
  7. Many would say that the BJs caused us to wage war in Bosnia to distract people from the Lewinsky scandal. I'm sure many innocents died in that war.
  8. As a woman, how do you feel about her little crying episode yesterday? Totally manufactured, if you ask me. Set back feminism by a few decades, but if it gets her a few votes form sentimentalist weenies, so be it, right?
  9. Bill Clinton never got a majority of the vote either. 49% was his personal best.
  10. Aw, c'mon! I have the perfect name for you -- TINSEL!! Get it!?! Tinsel/Metal?!?!