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  1. VenomPuppy

    Invalid Shell DLL

    I finally found a solution for this. I had to reapply the 1.3 patch manually to get it working, though the install was already patched to it, overwriting it fixed the mismatch.
  2. VenomPuppy

    Invalid Shell DLL

    No, the same issue applies with headered, unheadered and zip installation, and regardless of compatibility settings. For some additional information, I'm running on Windows 10, with an Fx-8350 and an RX 480.
  3. VenomPuppy

    Invalid Shell DLL

    I've read each of those topics, and haven't found a solution that works.
  4. VenomPuppy

    Invalid Shell DLL

    Hello, I'm having trouble getting the NOLF2 installer to work. I've tried switching compatibility settings and using the non-headered installer (reinstalled both on the headered and non-headered to be sure), but I keep getting the Invalid shell DLL cshell.dll error every time I try to launch the game. Are there any other fixes for this? I've tried searching multiple forums and haven't found a working solution.
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