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  1. Nice idea, though doubt if it attract much people..Especially that specific server make me puke already. Time will learn
  2. Me neither with you Fzzy ur a deep night/morning player (USA ) too I see. I rlly am not able to come these times due to school/sleep tho.
  3. Yea me2, so sad its so early and Ive got school :/ I miss the good old days too ... But will never be like that again Im sure. If i think abt it ill play.
  4. Just stfu you. 2) I didnt start this discussion
  5. And you stay childish, Poor you, You cant do much about it, Sad for u... Get a life seriously, go in therapy.. grow up cheers
  6. Thanks Nat and trigger, would be fun.. however as u know PNX server is useless for me now. But maybe In weekends I meet u up in nolf at 5/6AM ... The good people.. {SFI} server I guess??
  7. 1) Disco mime is the greatest @$$h0l3 of Germany, Ruining every nolf2 game these days by lame ending any map in 2 minutes. Yes thats the target of DD but not how we do play it and you know that. Grow UP old man with a childish behaviour. 2) As I've said to others already your reason about that posts in hacking forums are OLD. ALL know I did cheat and made hacks in THE PAST. If you took 1 second to look at the date of posts. ALL knew that ive been hacking and cheating and Ive used that forums yes. But since the ban on NS server a few months ago. I never have touched anything with hacking anymore, I didnt even care anymore, So less players, and without hacks Im good enough already. Even have 10 ping, I dont need more. So conclusion, this reason is complete bull$h1t to use it as a reason since that posts are damn OLD. 3) Burn in hell Disco mime, 4) Yea I love to play with u RXS,Trigger and all the cool guys, But sadly I live in the timezone of Germans instead of US, Very sad, since US People are WAY more nice. Ive played once at 5 AM and I like it, Much better ambience there , no germans around. (Exception to SFI natter, a good man!!) Cheers
  8. I think you confuse me RXS, There is also a Nolf2 player who play at times like that with name !Patrick.. Thats not me, I am unknown(=NS=). I never /rarely played with you I think RXS, and really u play with lot fun?? Must be Very deep night and what do you guys play DM or DD?
  9. I totally agree with you AE, Thanks, Its pathetic nolf in 2008. When I started playing I enjoyed much with all clanmatches, but now no thanks. It's diffrent and those PNX bann you when you get a higher score then them (Especially if u get higher then rops,sugly) , on a lucky day. Or not lucky, Ive always been around their skill level. (Legally !!)
  10. Unknown

    NOLF? Tonight?

    Eastcoast? Westcoast? ....Teh small country of netherlands pwns m all Ended
  11. I always use snapdrive.net Registered members get access to more features: Use Snapdrive sharing widgets like our streaming mp3 player Files do not expire. Full file manager Hotlinking allowed Make files public, private or password protected Full featured file hosting
  12. Unknown

    Ok it sucks !

    Your right, but like we all say, this old game, do you think the people who made these hacks and sent them around in the time, are still intrested in making new ones?? Its just like sierra, they dont do it because it wont give them money, in this case, its not even intresting to make hacks and put time in such a game where barely anyone plays and is about 5 years old.
  13. Unknown

    Ok it sucks !

    Yep concluded: - Anti Cheat is never 100% proof. - If Retail will be back chance of cheaters expand since public hacks are useable again, so anti cheat blocks about 98% of the potential cheaters. - Creatign a Sierra 1.4 system update would be the best chance. but prob not happen. - New players, is all about the things above, Anti cheat hard to install >> 1.4 retail should be here.
  14. Unknown

    Ok it sucks !

    I agree, but if you change it back to retail, wont the cheaters increase?? (Since the public hacks are then useable again). Now at least the major part is blocked. However, it shouldnt be a mod but a Update via sierra system, so a Retail 1.4 instead. Since new players can join without problems finding any mod then.
  15. Ture, however like I said in NS forum too. If the anti cheat blocks the main hacks... you must be a PRO hacker who knows how to program to get any more stuff working. And since Nolf has a small community, the chance that there is such a Pro hacker is very low to nothing. All pro hackers aim for the popular games like CSS, AA, FEAR and so on.