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  1. MajorPayne

    Forum upgrade

    Looks good so far. Glad to see the forum running the latest versions of the software.
  2. MajorPayne

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Newer versions of Windows 10 lack the install shield binaries which cause some of the original installers to fail to install.
  3. MajorPayne

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Hey ultimate, How familiar are you with windows regedit? I assume you tried installing in many ways, such as, the CD images, zip files and the installer that UHQ has now. Part of the problem may be where your registry thinks the game is opposed to where it's install at.
  4. MajorPayne

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Hey Ultimate post a screenshot from your programs and features installed programs list so we can see if you have something stripping the exe files.
  5. MajorPayne

    Welcome Redbeard

    Welcome to the forum
  6. MajorPayne

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Welcome to Unity HQ
  7. MajorPayne

    Welcome Meringues

    Welcome to Unity HQ We have some topics about NOLF on a Mac on the forum here.
  8. MajorPayne

    Welcome azraal

    Welcome to Unity HQ
  9. MajorPayne

    Berating/ insulting the site staff

    I will be helping out around here more and I can certainly tell you that giving those who helped bring this site into being and have supported it is a one way trip to......
  10. MajorPayne


    I've added something that may bug a few of you. I added it so I can take the complaints so Eliteone doesn't have to. The site will not ask you to turn off your adblocker while you are here. This needs to be done so hopefully the site can help pay for things via ads. It wasn't the first choice but seriously everyone it's not fair for Eliteone to keep covering the site at her expense. If you all don't want to even give up one Starbuck's coffee to help out then you're going to have to look at some ads. If the goal starts getting met then the ads can come off along with the turning off of the adblockers. We'll see what ends up happening. It is sad that people pop in here to get their game going again, grab the media even if they've never purchased the game but don't seem to give a rat's arse if the site is paid for by mostly one person recently. If you want to comment you can do so by clicking THIS
  11. MajorPayne

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    Um not to nitpick but why did you think creating another account would fix your issue? I see that Eliteone has spent a considerable amount of time trying to get this to work for you. I'm seeing that you are trying to get the games either because you lost the original media or are just trying to get them for free. Instead of asking that they make special downloads just for you why not go to your local library with a USB flash drive and download them that way? I get that you would like to play these classic games but you're asking someone who does not get paid to do any of this to go way above and beyond cause you're having and issue that most never encounter. DId you ever power cycle the router from your ISP even? She didn't ask you to do this for the devices but the router itself. If you do that and it still doesn't work then I would suspect your ISP is capping https: downloads as all of the downloads here are secured via SSL for safe downloading.
  12. I logon here and see in large words across the top: So what do I do I go give a little something to help support this site. Even if you all skipped a coffee from Starbucks once a month and donated here then there wouldn't be the crisis that there is now. Historically it's been the same few who have carried the torch here for all of you to be able to download files or play in the gameserver or post about the issue you're having getting your game to run. Most of those who have done this in the past are no longer doing so. Leaving the main financial burden of keeping the site up to Eliteone. I haven't visited for awhile but I see that people are grabbing files and never giving it a thought that THIS SITE COSTS MONEY TO MAINTAIN. People take sites that others have put their time and money into for the enjoyment of others for granted. I get that it is the holidays and money may be a bit tighter for some but in that same holiday spirit we should help keep this going to keep these classic games alive for many more to enjoy.
  13. MajorPayne

    Forum outage

    Awesome work getting it up so fast.!! I'll send a donation for the site your way
  14. Out of curiosity did you reach out to them on that site to see what they modified on it to get around the CD copy protection and other stuff. I would assume they re-bundled it somehow. Otherwise there are a few topics on here about the client MFC. subject.
  15. MajorPayne

    Changes at UHQ

    Very understandable. This community should be thankful of all your patience over the years. This community wouldn't be here today most likely without your dedication to it.