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  1. It's really cool to see the community step up when Eliteone sent out the email about the hosting. Let's keep up that support for the rest of the year for the gameservers
  2. This is a fun game plus free. Very little risk to try it out and see if you like it.
  3. Please don't post if you're post isn't going to be helpful to the situation. I will remove such posts. To the person whose post I removed. Eliteone even created a Patreon account cause you said you couldn't use paypal and had requested that a Patreon account be setup so you could pitch in. The Patreon account is still empty with no patrons a month later.
  4. In a nutshell. It costs $$ to have the site https://. It puts the secure padlock icon before the web address in your browser. That means all your activity here is secured. It costs $$ for the licensing for the forum software. This includes the downloads module and tools to keep spammers at bay. By keeping the downloads secure there a very low risk of downloading compromised files. It costs $$ to host gameservers monthly. It also costs to have web domain. This is the 30,000 level of things. The same few people pitch in. For sometime now Eliteone has been paying the shortages out of pocket. Larry here is one of the regular donors. I've contributed as well has a few others. Most come here grab files for free and then some complain if they don't work 100%. The fact that this site is here for games that are about a decade old should be at least appreciated. Unfortunately it's not. As the banner up top says if all of the members here gave up one coffee ordered at Starbucks or one fast food meal and donated that money here instead we would have rocket speed downloads and gameservers for all 3 games.
  5. I've enabled the downloads again. However it is at a reduced capacity. If things don't turn around here soon with donations the downloads will run out of bandwidth again and that will be the end of them most likely. I is unbelievable that no one has bothered to pitch in this month.
  6. Downloads are offline at this time. We hope it's a temporary thing but I asked Eliteone to shut them off instead paying more money out of pocket to increase the bandwidth. It's damn sad that most of you can't sacrifice a single Starbucks or fast food meal to chip in here. I've looked at the download stats and lots of you have benefited from the files that are hosted here. Yet under 1% of the site users here have bothered to pitch in. It's not fair for Eliteone to have to beg every month, going on years now to try to get some help with site and gameserver expenses. It's apparent most don't care. The stats show people just want the damn free stuff, yesterday. Well folks that's BS. We've tried ads but the revenue from them barely scratches the surface here. So where we go with downloads and soon the servers too is up to all of you who use the site.
  7. I logon here and see in large words across the top: So what do I do I go give a little something to help support this site. Even if you all skipped a coffee from Starbucks once a month and donated here then there wouldn't be the crisis that there is now. Historically it's been the same few who have carried the torch here for all of you to be able to download files or play in the gameserver or post about the issue you're having getting your game to run. Most of those who have done this in the past are no longer doing so. Leaving the main financial burden of keeping the site up to Eliteone. I haven't visited for awhile but I see that people are grabbing files and never giving it a thought that THIS SITE COSTS MONEY TO MAINTAIN. People take sites that others have put their time and money into for the enjoyment of others for granted. I get that it is the holidays and money may be a bit tighter for some but in that same holiday spirit we should help keep this going to keep these classic games alive for many more to enjoy.