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  1. Ran NOLF 2 on Windows 11 just fine last night. I'll be checking the other two games in the next couple of days.
  2. So I would at this point check the windows logs, provide your system OS build information, Do a reinstall of the game, this time accept the default location to be installed to and see if it allows the game saves when it is installed on the C drive. If it does then you have something unique, property wise on your other drive.
  3. Can you check? running out of ideas about your issue. I spun up a Windows 10 Hyper-V VM and NOLF2 gamesaves work fine on it too. Another thing to check is right-click the game save folder and see what the permissions are.
  4. Have you by chance checked your windows event logs to see if there is anything recorded about this?
  5. For troubleshooting, disable it and try to save a game file. Leaving it disabled then try to open the game file.
  6. Definitely an odd issue. I haven't been able to reproduce your issue. What are you running for an anti-virus solution?
  7. Can you save games with the new profile?
  8. I was playing different games back when these were in their prime. Cool to see you visiting though.
  9. Your save game path should be something like this: D:\Games\No One Lives Forever 2\Save\profilename\SinglePlayer If you don't have the SinglePlayer folder, create it and place the save game files in it.
  10. Just to rule it out. How much free space is on your hard drive?
  11. Feel free to send the crossover and I'll get it added to the download, giving you the full credit of course. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Did you do a complete uninstall then install the new one? Windows 10 I assume? Are you running the game as an administrator?
  13. Just setup a windows 11 test box. Going to be setting up several older games, including the NOLF games on it to see how they run. Stay tuned to this thread for the results.
  14. There are limits to how many files can be downloaded at once.
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