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  1. I have not tried any compatibility settings, do you mean on the downloaded setup.exe or on the desktop nolf2 launcher icon that appears after running the setup.exe?
  2. Well, here is my system information, I am using Windows Defender as my antivirus (yes, I know it is not top rated, but it does work sufficiently enough for me). I have tried several things since my last post, I uninstalled NOLF2, backed up the registry, then the used regedit to delete everything under nolf2 and No One Lives Forever 2 found in the registry, reinstalled, still had the same issue, uninstalled again. Then, just for kicks, I tried to reinstall from the original game discs, but I could not, it would try to uninstall, and then tell me that there were files in C/:games that could not be removed, so I ended up deleting the games folder after moving a couple things out of it. I then tried installing from the downloaded signed installer, still the same issue with no play button, so uninstalled again. I then decided to try the original disc install again, this time it did install rather than uninstall, the game even starts up, but the opening movie/cutscene has no sound (was as far as I have tried at this point). I then went back and tried the downloaded signed installer again, This time there was a "play" button! YAY! BUT after hitting play, I now get an error message Video link what happens now: I am going to try a couple more things. 1. uninstall both original disc and installer versions, then reinstall the installer version if that does not work uninstall it again, then- 2. restore the registry from the backup I made and reinstall from the installer version. Will update on the results when I have time to mess with it. Edit: Update I uninstalled both versions, and reinstalled the from the installer, and am now back to not having a "play" button upon trying to start game. I am not going to restore the registry at this point as that does not seem to be the issue. Not really sure what I should try next. I will most likely try to install the original game from the discs again. If you have any ideas that could help, please let me know. Thank you in advance for your time.
  3. I have tried it, if you are talking about the installer available for download from this site. In an attempt to fix the issue, I uninstalled NOLF2, then re-downloaded the signed installer, and then using the newly downloaded installer to reinstall NOLF2. I used Shadowplay to record the install, I don't know if it will help you at all, I uploaded the video to google drive, here is the link to it:
  4. I am not sure where to ask for help, so I will start here. I am currently having issues with NOLF2. I have downloaded and tried both the signed, unsigned, and zip file install and am still unable to play. The desktop icons bring up this: As you can see, there is no "Play" button, upon clicking "install" I get this: I have tried with my original purchased CDs, I have tried with ISOs mounted that I made from those CDs, it doesn't do any good, just keep getting the same error message (on a seperate note: I have not been able to download ISOs from this site, for some reason the download stops after 140-190MBs download, but only for the ISOs, the other files downloaded with no problem). I am not sure what else to try. I own the original discs for all three games and was very happy to find this site that allows me to play these games again. NOLF works (although sometimes I have to reload the game as the cursor disappeared in the menu, but still playable) and Contract J.A.C.K. also works, the only one I can't seem to get to work is NOLF2. If you have any help to give me as to what I am doing wrong, it would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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    Thanks for maintaining this site.
  6. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.