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  1. While I generally take statistics like these with a grain of salt, I've suspected this correlation for a very long time. Whether or not Bush is partly to blame for high gas prices is irrelevant to me, this shows me what Americans actually care about. It's not the controversy over the war, the president's religious views, the economy, or any other reason one might have to be displeased with the's his supposed complicity with high gas prices. If oil prices stay high, this could be the deciding factor in the next few elections. I suppose I'll take what I can get, but at the end of the day, my cynicism has deepened considerably.
  2. The nVidia 6600gt is the best AGP value around...
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a large seashell Indy... ;-)
  4. Well, the 'facts' I was referring to includes the notion that Gender Identity Disorder does indeed occur. My preliminary research shows that it is somewhat rare. I can't research a paper on the subject just for this forum, however I will research it in greater detail at a later time in my schooling. RXS, you're concerned about the children, which is perfectly fair and understandable. We tend to fear that which we don't understand. I suppose my question is 'what are you afraid of'? What do you think is going to happen with regards to the children? Like I said, I think it's perfectly understandable to be uncomfortable with this issue and even though Ms. McBeth managed to get rehired, she was being somewhat naive if she had expected to be rehired when she sought to do so. I make this issue sound nonchalant because I feel like it should be a non-issue. It could be argued that the parents are the ones making it an issue. Is psychology perfect--->of course not, but you're coming from a place of fear and pure emotion. Psychologists know more than you do about this disorder which is again, not the issue. You have your opinion and I have mine. This is life, we have to deal with certain things. My position is that the children will learn something new from this teacher. And if by the slim chance one or more of the children feels like they are afflicted with Gender Identity Disorder someday, they will have more information about it. Ms. McBeth didn't do anything wrong, she didn't intend to hurt anyone, she just wants to live her life in a way that makes sense to her. In this society, it seems to me that we try to hide things from our children as much as possible, and at some point, it becomes a problem rather than a protective approach. Why can't it be explained to the children that Ms. McBeth was not happy as a man, the feeling he had inside him is very rare, and he decided to do something about it? Kids have to eventually learn about death, sexuality, the fact that their parents aren't perfect, drugs, alcohol, their own sexual identity, and so on. Again, you're not telling me anything except that you are uncomfortable with the idea of a sex change, that doesn't mean anything to me and it's certainly not something that I can argue with. Of all the things children have to deal with when they grow up, they learned that their substitute teacher is happier with a different gender what?
  5. Well, good to know that everyone knows what I'm going to say..... For a bit of background. From what I've studied, Gender Identity Disorder is very real and can be very heart-breaking. Those that suffer from it do not wish to have it nor do they wish it on others. Treatment options include therapy in order for the individual to become more comfortable with their biological gender or sex reassignment surgery. In psychological terms, gender is what's in your mind, not your body. If this individual meets the DSM IV criteria for GID or even if he doesn't, I would be inclined to believe someone if they felt that they were born in the wrong body. From what it sounds like in the forum, the issue is the children. The newly dubbed Ms. McBeth is a grown-up, and she is fully aware that a large number of parents and students will not be comfortable with the issue. Presumably she was rehired by the school because it was the right thing to do. There was no particular reason not to rehire Ms. McBeth other than the notion that some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of changing one's gender. Do I think that the children will be negatively affected by Ms. McBeth's gender change?--->I don't at all. As long as it's explained to them in whatever appropriate amount of detail is saw fit, then they'll be just fine. Ms. McBeth is not the first and certainly won't be the last person to feel that they were born in the wrong body. It has nothing to do with homosexuality...and in actuality, the vast majority of men who cross-dress for sexual reasons are straight and do not have gender identity disorder. Is the situation bizarre?--->sure Is it okay to be uncomfortable with the notion of changing one's gender through surgery?--->of course it is The moral of the story is to get the facts, some people feel like they were born in the wrong body and the vast majority of people do not. A teacher changed his gender, so what.
  6. One person who has made my online experience something special is manko kusai
  7. What you should understand though, is that Windows Media player does not come with its own DVD codec. There is a licensing fee with the MPEG group, which is why it's a miracle that Windows Media Player 10 comes with MP3 encoding support. MS decided long ago that they would not include DVD playback functionality with Windows because they didn't want to get in the way of competing companies and their MPEG-2 implementation for DVDs. So the story is that if you have Intervideo WinDVD somewhere on your system and you play back a DVD in Windows Media Player, it will use the Intervideo codec, same with an nVidia codec or an ATI codec, or a PowerDVD codec. There are bound to be errors made somewhere along the line...So please, don't bother getting angry with standard DVDs, their copyright protection system is extremely weak and has been broken for a very long time. Save your anger for HD-DVD and Blu Ray...
  8. Goo, that seems more like an error in Windows Media player to me than an actual copyright flag designed to not let you play it. Try another DVD decoder if you have one.
  9. I'm a big fan of cover songs in general. I think the idea is to have a contemporary group or artist cover a song from a previous generation in order for its words to resonate with an entirely new audience. It's very debatable and very subjective as to which cover songs fare better than others upon listening to the original. I think it depends which one affected the listener first...For instance, The Smashing Pumpkins' version of Landslide was the version I actually heard first believe it or not, and as much as I love Fleetwood Mac, the SP version resonates more with me. Some of my favorite cover music is.... Alana Davis-32 Flavors (Ani Difranco) Hole-Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac) Natalie Merchant-Space Oddity (David Bowie) Fiona Apple-Across The Universe (The Beatles) Guns N' Roses-Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney) Tori Amos-Imagine (John Lennon) Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi) 97' Bonnie & Clyde (Eminem) Wild Horses (Rolling Stones) If I can think of some covers I hate I'll mention them at a later time. Although Uncle Kracker's 'Drift Away' was not particularly good I must say. I suppose if he had played it once in a while at a concert it would've had much more of a positive impact but from the huge amount of radio play, it just came off as a ploy to make money.
  10. Thanks for the report! Personally, Vista seems to me to be the beginning of the end of a computing experience that I'm used to. The preliminary reports about Vista are sketchy at best, meaning that it doesn't appear to have any particularly new features, certainly nothing that OSX doesn't have already, or that aren't available in Windows XP via third party software. The system requirements may be a bit daunting to people. The eye candy is nice, but let's be realistic, completely unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What I truly cannot get past is the DRM issue, and especially the HDCP issue >_< Here's hoping that Linux decides to become a viable alternative to Windows
  11. I personally never understood why science and the concept of God cannot co-exist. Is it such a stretch to consider that perhaps God created the universe and thus its inner workings? Saying that everything appeared out of thin air essentially reduces God to parlor tricks.
  12. I've ran into this problem before. A friend of mine has NOLF2 and a Gateway computer. We installed the game and the vocal tracks were completely silent, it was very frustrating and we never could find out why. This probably won't work, but you might want to run NOLF2 in a different compatibility mode, perhaps Windows 98 and see what happens. My guess is that some software emulation takes place and it may at least shed some light on the problem.
  13. You should just rip out the hard drive of that computer so that you can access your songs. That's too much money to waste...
  14. I have never gotten that error message before, I just crash to the desktop. It happened often with Windows XP, much less often with Windows 2000 (which I am currently running) and I have never tried it with SP2, I stayed away from it. To me, this does indeed seem to implicate SP2 as a possible culprit. There was a large list of software titles that no longer worked properly or at all with an SP2 installation. I do not believe that NOLF 1 or 2 was on the list, but it's reasonable to assume that SP2 might be causing the problem. SP2 was much more than a collection of updates, Microsoft was very clear that some program compatibility would be broken, as well as some hardware compatibility from what I understand, with the notion that security was more important. Personally, I think that a PC 'not' running SP2 can be just as secure, as long as an experienced user is behind it.
  15. Indy speaks the truth...I also find it interesting that AMD generally recommends to not have an intake fan because it can create negative pressure in the case, although I'm no expert at airflow...