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  1. I agree with Caip... There isn't any reason to discuss this at all, it's a glich, it's unfair play, you can't do it
  2. Nova™


    I don't understand you at all... I just said that there are some people who got good in a short time, it's just kind of weird, nothing more.
  3. Nova™


    this happened to a lot of people
  4. Just played Weapon Mod04 in the server with Hadouken, lots of fun!!!
  5. Lol, I don't think she gets it...

  6. Stardust was freaking awesome if you guys haven't seen it. I also bought the book it was based on.. the movie was a lot better than the book :/
  7. lmao.... hey nova =D

  8. This picture is labeled with the pin, you have failed. And, seriously: