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  1. Hello everyone! I was able to get back into my old profile! I was thinkin about NOLF and wanted to stop by! I heard the server got shut down a while back but people found a way around it, that's neat. What has everyone been up to? And do people still play or is everyone into something else, maybe GW2? Nova
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  4. Nova™

    >NW< clan

    Good luck <3
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    soda and I
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    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday
  7. Nova™

    Pretty Things!

    Good Luck
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    The Russian Rampage roof glitch

    I agree with Caip... There isn't any reason to discuss this at all, it's a glich, it's unfair play, you can't do it
  9. Nova™

    The Happy Birthday thread

    happy bday JACQUES!...?
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    I don't understand you at all... I just said that there are some people who got good in a short time, it's just kind of weird, nothing more.
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    this happened to a lot of people
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    URA's Weapons mod

    Just played Weapon Mod04 in the server with Hadouken, lots of fun!!!
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    The Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday!
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    Hadouken and I at a park today