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  1. FYI, the woman who asked Hillary the question that made her "cry" ended up voting for Obama.

    ROFL! I did hear that mama...I just didn't know if it was true. Oh the Irony. :wacko:


    I think I'd definitely prefer someone who shed a tear, but proceeded to make a rational decision, over someone ignorant.


    I'd hate to be Hillary Clinton, though. She's damned no matter what she does. Cry and you're a calculating shrew or a damsel in distress, but if you don't show emotions, you're an insensitive political machine. Stand by Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky affair and you're a door mat, leave him and you're a heartless, unforgiving witch. And then all these pundits and commentators chirping the 'unelectable' song... Well maybe she is, but I really can't see anyone else so far in this race who has the skills, the experience and the political clout that she has. How I wish we could cut the crap about Giuliani's marriages, Romney's mormonism, Hillary's laughter and tears, etc. etc. etc. and just get down to issues and politics.

    Oh yes Mari. Poor, poor, pitiful Hillary. And yet again Mari my point stands. It's all part and parcel. If a candidate cannot conduct him/herself in life, How the hell are they supposed to lead the world Superpower? Mari I understand you tend to sway more toward the Republican party, And that's what makes the world go round :), But Hillary Clinton doesn't have the skills. She only pretends that she has the experience. She has changed her beliefs so many times, I feel if we elect her President, we might as well go get a Magic 8 ball from Toy's R Us, Because we'll get a more steady opinion from it. :rolleyes:

  2. Michael Buble', Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Nat King Cole.


    Not to mention Fergie, BEP, Hairspray Soundtrack, Rent Soundtrack, Josh Groban.



    And Im very much into classical. I've been singing solo for years and I've done almost any major vocal arrangement, been singing at weddings and corporate events since I was 12. Im currently learning Schubert's Ave Maria. Soooo Difficult :wacko:


  3. Ethics are not really individual points of view as you claim (at least not in the public sector)...here's just a few examples of what poor judgment and a lack of ethics earned Bill Clinton the title to:

    - The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance

    - Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*

    - Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation

    - Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify

    - Most number of witnesses to die suddenly

    - First president sued for sexual harassment.

    - First president accused of rape.

    - First first lady to come under criminal investigation

    - Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case

    - First president to establish a legal defense fund.

    - First president to be held in contempt of court

    - Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions

    - Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad

    - First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

    Nope, no innocent deaths

    Nope, not a bystander to Genocide either (70,000 lives)


    And certainly Clinton never "F'd up" when he bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade [7 May 1999] - Authorized the Cruise Missile atttack on apharmaceutical plant in Sudan [20 Aug 1998] - bombed the heck out of Kosovo and Serbia[24 March to 10 June 1999] - Killed innocent US citizens in Waco, Texas [19 April 1993] - not to mention bombed Iraq for nearly all of Clinton's term, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. - nope, he never "F'd up" nor did any innocent deaths happen under Clinton because he was only getting BJ's.



    Not to mention he had a shot at taking Osama Bin Ladin out. He was warned that Osama Bin Ladin was one of the biggest threats to the US. He had a undercover ready to pull the trigger on that f*cker and he aborted. I'm not sure the exact details but it's something very close to that. What a pathetic President. :angry:



    I would be intrigued to know the details of that exact set events.

  4. As a woman, how do you feel about her little crying episode yesterday? Totally manufactured, if you ask me. Set back feminism by a few decades, but if it gets her a few votes form sentimentalist weenies, so be it, right?

    Amen Indy. :rolleyes: Sooo sad. She used to be a such an asset..

  5. Wow, KG and I agree on something. Hillary strikes me as a mean power hungry woman (with ulterior motives) who will do anything necessary in order to get what she wants. I understand the appeal of the Clinton name to many democrats but she's changed her mind and herself so many times, pandering to what she thinks the majority want instead of sticking steadfast to whatever her real beliefs are. I doubt she even knows what she truly believes anymore.


    Even if I was democrat, which I certainly am not, I wouldn't vote for Hillary. Aside from her stance on issues, as a person she totally turns me off. As a woman I find nothing appealing about her whatsoever. If we were to have a woman in the White House I would want it to be someone I admire or can at least respect.



    Amen Bella. Too many times she has compromised her position to appeal to whomever she's attempting to appeal to. Sadly, she might be a great President if she only stayed on her course. I am also not a democrat. And Im almost positive Obama isn't ready to tackle being Head Hancho. Only for that reason would I ever vote for Hillary. Hillary used to be a great advocate to this country. Unfortunately nowadays she seems to always want something different than what we as a people want. She has some interesting ideas worth being considered, But her actions thus far have shown she is one who will manipulate to achieve her goals. I actually liked her when her political career was first taking off. :(


    Trigger, Goo. You have to understand it IS a package deal. You don't separate personality and policy. Personality is key to electing a President. Personality traits also play a factor. If someone is willing to compromise themselves to get what they want, What does that tell you about the integrity of that person? How will they lead this nation if they can't holdfast to their integrity and honor? I am all for new ideas. But I want them to be HER ideas from HER view on this country. Not "what views will get me more votes and popularity". If you look back on her early days, Hillary had some ideas definitley worth taking a look at. Now, I feel as though those ideas are being fed or created to get her where she aspires to be, The Presidency. :unsure:


    Also take a look at Bella's sig. I think it speaks true here with Hillary.

  6. I swear to God if Hillary goes into office Im moving to Canada. :mellow:


    Goo hit it on the nail. She has gotten her hands far too dirty over the past few years. And I wouldn't trust her judgement at all. I am always questioning whether she has ulterior motives. :unsure:

  7. lol smudge... i love the rammstein at the end :lol:


    here is another one by me: Indiana Jones or In Diana Jones? This time it's almost a whole round, 19 minutes in Violence in the Villa. :)

    Awwwww...Such memories. Always good times playing with you Mari and April..


    I really liked the music D....Im kinda starting to go back on my opinion about new age music :whistle:


    Its funny watching my lag on others screens though....If you only saw what was on mine half the time :ranting2:


    Good video.

  8. :specool: i got one too (actually two, but the other one is too big for uploading (12 minutes (whole round of DD, which was ended before time was running out))


    <------------ Japan, about 4 minutes (from when i joined until the map ended)


    Great Job Sugly....Really enjoyed the music too :)


  9. I don't understand you at all...


    I just said that there are some people who got good in a short time, it's just kind of weird, nothing more.

    I only comment on it Nova becuase many people (credible members of the communtiy) Have commented on his "drastic" improvment over the past few monthes...Its just odd to see how he can become so good in such a short time. :whistle:

  10. Hi. just so all know. All german are mad when they gets owned.... lol..... Ive just notice. Someone here maybe know the new DK member? [DK]GenStar or soemthing like that? we was friendly with him, me and Curver :happy1: . and suddenly he begun to be little rude. and when he said goodbye he sayd like this. (look at screenshot) Earlier they also have called us " Damn aimboters "


    Picture of his " goodbye " screenshot take by Curver :happy1:


    Thx for me. but somettimes thoose must get a leasson :blink: :blink: :blink:


    smudge <3


    Funny how good you've gotton in such a short time there Smudge... :rolleyes:


  11. I have a friend in San Diego who's 15 - 20 miles from the fire coming up from Mexico but they aren't evacuating her area yet. Looking at the google links Goo shared it struck me how bad it would be if you had a farm in the area. There are places set up to take the large animals / livestock but it looks like they're all filled up. What would you do if you had a herd of something and no way to take them to shelter? Fire is one of my big phobias, I don't know how the people in California can take it year after year. :unsure:

    Its unbelievable Laura. They have evacuated over 350,000 people...Over 120,000 homes.....And theres no good news In sight....The containment is soo low its scary.....My good friend has a home in Rancho Bernardo that was 9 yards from the fire and Amazingly her house is untouched. I have not had to evactuate yet....Thank god....But thisseries of fires comes 3 1/2 years after the cedar Fires which consumed Over 200,000 acres....The santa ana winds here are soo bad that everything is as brittle and dry as a cracker.....Things go up in flames in seconds and after that all they can do is evacuate people cause it spreads sooo fast. they say 90,000 homes have been consumed by the fire....ANd were talking Prime real estate here....2 million dollar houses(starting) and they go up in seconds....This coming after this terrible market we've had for property....and with the California debt we've got here...It just sickens me....my husband is in real este Building and he helped build after the Cedar fires.....ANd they have ONLY JUST FINISHED....insurance agents were screwiing people badly sooo the red tape caused many people to be out of their homes for over a year.... I have a friend....a very deal girfriend of mine whose home was burned in the cedar Fires.....her home is 20 miles from the fire right now....THEY HAVE ONLY JUST FINISHED BUILDING! it makes me sick to my stomach...My home is everything to me....It just sickens me to think it would be reduced to a pile of ash :cry2:

  12. And therein lies the irony of it being the "Rolling On the Floor Laughing" clan.

    Omg X.....ROFL (no pun intended) :24:


    Also I know this is a little off topic....But theoretically what would you need to host a full server? :huh: What kind of connection? :huh: What equipment would you need?

  13. :cry2: Omg you guys there are 8 fires In Southern California Right now. There is 16% containment on one and there is less than 6% on all the others. Northern California is also experiancing fires. All the fires In southern California have gotton out of control because of these Santa Ana winds. The fires have claimed 250,000 acres and continues to burn more by the hour. These fires are similar to the 2003 Cedar Fires but much more dangerous because the fires are much more residential. Very scary stuff. :(
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