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  1. So I've downloaded nolf 2 at nolfrevival.tk had to fix the widescreen with adding the "FOV" "90" in the display.cfg on windows 10 I'm in the first level (tutorial basically) everything seems to be running perfectly, untill I get to the first 2 enemies. at first when I kill the enemy and I stand over it, the pickup body icon appears, so I pick it up, but the body dissapears, and the game thinks I don't have a body on me, so I can still run shoot etc, it doesn't show I'm carrying a body. so I go behind a corner to drop the body, but the game doesn't do anything, so I just kept on playing untill I shot the second enemy. So once more I stand over the new dead body, I get the pickup icon and as soon as I pickup the dead body, it drops the first dead body instead.. I googled a bit, no solution. So I experimented with the Compatibility and went for Win XP sp3 lowest setting possible, went back into the game and YES the carrying icon for dead body appears, I thought "fixed!" NEW problem though.. now the game thinks I'm always carrying a dead body, even when I don't have one.. and cant do anything, no running no shooting..