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  1. So I've downloaded nolf 2 at nolfrevival.tk had to fix the widescreen with adding the "FOV" "90" in the display.cfg on windows 10 I'm in the first level (tutorial basically) everything seems to be running perfectly, untill I get to the first 2 enemies. at first when I kill the enemy and I stand over it, the pickup body icon appears, so I pick it up, but the body dissapears, and the game thinks I don't have a body on me, so I can still run shoot etc, it doesn't show I'm carrying a body. so I go behind a corner to drop the body, but the game doesn't do anything, so I just kept on playing untill I shot the second enemy. So once more I stand over the new dead body, I get the pickup icon and as soon as I pickup the dead body, it drops the first dead body instead.. I googled a bit, no solution. So I experimented with the Compatibility and went for Win XP sp3 lowest setting possible, went back into the game and YES the carrying icon for dead body appears, I thought "fixed!" NEW problem though.. now the game thinks I'm always carrying a dead body, even when I don't have one.. and cant do anything, no running no shooting..
  2. having the same problem.. in single player, i can only pickup bodies, but nothing else.. i can only drop the picked up body and switch it with another dead body...
  3. Hi, i just installed the fix for the mouse stutter for nolf I was wondering if this also works for AVP2 which uses the lithtech engine as well
  4. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.