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  1. Amazing news! Hopefully Night Dive has managed to solve that hassle with the rights.
  2. Been long since I was on here but upon stumbling onto these exact news this morning I had to get on here to see if there was any discussions going on. This could be some pretty good news! http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/01/no-one-lives-forever-resurfaces-through-trademark-filings http://www.gamespot.com/articles/no-one-lives-forever-trademarks-point-to-possible-re-releases/1100-6419364/ http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/1/5672706/no-one-lives-forever-trademarks-night-dive-studios
  3. Dear me, these are sad news indeed.. Such a kind-hearted human being and truly one of the core members of this small but nice community. It's always sad to hear about someone passing away like this. Eventhough it isn't someone you've met, it feels just like if it's a friend real close to you which is now gone. Thanks for the talks Nat and great evenings playing Nolf with you. My thoughts are with his family, rest in peace Natter.
  4. I remember getting stuck there at CD2 as well :S Found my CDs couple of days after though.
  5. Zymon

    It's working!

    Likewise Onyx! Yeah, I'll be there as zymon! or zay Err, I like blue. So I'd have to say blue. I don't know why I wrote that really, 15 year old me thought it was fun (: Walking in circles is pretty cool tho.
  6. Zymon

    It's working!

    Cool, will be seeing you lot soon then hopefully!
  7. Zymon

    It's working!

    Hey guys Yeah, Sweden's my place! I've been going on every now and then, still no luck, but hey I won't give up! Oh and btw, is the server feed working? It says from time to time that people are on the server playing, but as I join up there's no one there.
  8. Zymon

    It's working!

    Heya Pepper Thanks! Yer, I'd forgotten about those! And will download those maps there ASAP We'll be fragging each other in a near future!
  9. Zymon

    It's working!

    Hey guys, hope your all doing great! I lost my Nolf CDs some time ago and never really got around with sorting everything out with the LivesForever mod. I just realised this evening how much I miss the game though, so after some dedicated searching I rediscovered these old CDs of mine, I installed the game and after some trial and error I finally got everything working. Went on both the DM server and the Doomsday server hoping to see some familiar face, (saw loads of you lurking there couple of hours ago!) but twas empty :< When are you guys on the most? I'm working quite a lot.. But I should probably be able to cut down a little extra on the sleeping part and then be able to squeeze in some NOLFing! So see you all on the servers soon hopefully
  10. Not that I'm that regular here, but welcome to the Nolf2 community Can't help you with the problem unfortunately :/
  11. Zymon

    Nolf Memorial Match

    Oh well, true enough Don't have internet as well now though, I always seem to have a good excuse.. Going to call my isp today.
  12. Zymon

    Nolf Memorial Match

    Would have been fun, my Nolf CD just broke though, and I'm away this weekend :<
  13. Sup guys! Long time no see, again... Still not finding enough time to play Nolf2 unfortunately might pop by some day tho when you least expect it! However, I just came to think of, and believe me I'd never imagine myself saying it, but I kinda miss the drama we had here a couple of years ago ^^ And so I wondered if there is still anyone who has that video Sly (?) made when KG was raging on the SFI server? I had it on my computer that crashed just now and well I used to look at it to get a good chuckle...