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  1. Can't download game files.

    Country region problem or something. I tried different ISPs but the results are the same. We have 3 alternative ways: 1) Download from another website. (How reliable ? I don't know.) 2) Buy original second hand CDs. 3) Watch full gameplay videos on Youtube. At least we can enjoy a little and learn the story. 1080P / 60 FPS:
  2. Can't download game files.

    You can download NOLF2 files. But yes, I still can't download NOLF1. Sadly.
  3. Can't download game files.

    Download only single file. When download finished, download another file...
  4. Hitman is different i know. But stealth and agency feeling are here as you know. I have played free episodes for 30 hours. Seems like I'll play +40 hours this game. So much time for free game. Excellent. Even Hitman 2016 is not like Blood Money, I enjoyed playing this game. You can give it a chance at least Paris episodes are free.
  5. Happy new year to everyone.
  6. Finished NOLF2 for the first time in 2017.

    I played Contract Jack many years ago and didn't played any NOLF games. After years, I recognized the real game is NOLF. So downloaded from here and played. Thank you for all effort to keep the game alive. If you finish a game you like, you will be sorry for that. Because you connected with the characters. But this effect decreases over time. Here are my thoughs about NOLF2. (Sorry for spoilers. It isn't something like giving a spoiler about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, eh ? ) Generally, very nice game. Especially compared to Contract Jack. Searching for stuffs, action, atmosphere, musics, gadgets, being a spy, funny moments, a sense of humour... A lot of good things waiting you if you never played the game. I'll generally write the cons of the game but this isn't shows that I don't like the game. I like it too much. For example: "The greedy capitalist spy had stolen my weapon!" (And he starts crying...) ----------- Cate Archer is a mixture of both James Bond and Rambo. You are killing everybody by yourself. It isn't logical but funny. BUGs. Bugs are annoying. The very common bug is music problem. If you disable the music, problem solved. But also fun of the game will reduce. It stutters and sometimes 2 soundtrack mix unfortunately. Sometimes some doors will not open. You'll have to try reloading the game etc. Japan chapters: I really don't know why we are using a crossbow instead of silenced firearms. And why Japanese beauties don't use firearms instead of katana, shuriken etc. things. Siberia chapters: Killing everybody like a rambo as I said before. But the documents and soldiers are so funny. But I'm also scared sometimes. India chapters: Full of fun. Escaping from police, the English accent of Indian HARM guards, stupid mimes, the mime king, funny soundtrack that contains sitar sound... Funny moments. But mime king BUG is annoying. Just pressed T, wrote "maphole" and finished the final stage of the chapter. Antarctic chapter & Super Soldiers: Scary chapter. It is something like ghost city, Chernobyl? But Super Soldier thing again isn't logical. I'm so sorry for the man and the girl of him. "Who is disturbing me? Abegail, is that you?" Just escape from there for the God's Sake. HARM secret place, Isako, The Director, Dimitri Volkov, HARM soldiers: Again, funny NOLF moments here. No doubt. Underwater (or Undersea): Interesting. The best chapters for me. But square HARM soldiers are weird. Khios: This game deserves much better final chapter I think. The worst chapter is Khios for me. Sorry. General gameplay: NOLF2 is a science fiction game or something. The story can continue with NOLF3 but Monolith created Contract Jack instead of it, unfortunately. J.A.C.K refers to Just Another Crappy Killer. (abbreviation...) Cate Archer: Pure beauty. Here is the beauty order for me: NOLF2 Archer > Mitzi Martin > NOLF1 Archer. Allright. The review finished at least for now. Any questions ?
  7. NOLF2 PC power consumption

    Interestingly, NOLF2 causes more power comsumption compared to COD: WAW, COD: MW2. Does compability mode working like an emulator or something? NOLF2 is an old game and I don't expect that it can use CPU, GPU too much.. Why it heats PC more than other games? (GTX 1060 + Ryzen 1600) I feel significantly hot air exhaust with case fans.
  8. I remember, I played on the COD4 server which has COD: MW2 maps and guns thanks to modding many years ago. I don't know if COD only works with COD maps or something. But if NOLF2 maps and guns are work with COD, we can think about an alternative server like that. (If any of your friends have COD servers and if you can create a mod...)
  9. Worth playing?

    I played Contract Jack many years ago. Now, I'm playing NOLF2 for the first time. I can absolutely say, CJ isn't a NOLF game. It is really different thing. Just Another Crappy Killer. But Italy soundtrack is very good indeed.
  10. Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    You are the biggest donator of Unity. Unity has been living since early 2000s. And probably donations don't cover all expenses.
  11. Sorry for my English. Check for Nvidia Geforce Facebook page if it has the same question. I wish NOLF remastered version be made by any producer in the future.
  12. Can't download game files.

    Thanks for all help. NOLF2 is generally running nicely on Win 10. I went to Siberia hmm.
  13. Can't download game files.

    NOLF2 zip --> no problem. NOLF2 iso and every nolf1, CJ files --> having issues.
  14. Can't download game files.

    I didn't do anything special. NOLF2 zip files are downloadable. But others still have the same problem. Really interesting.