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    NOLF campaign extra challenge

    I am already playing NOLF1 and i set myself some goals. If possible i do silent kills with no alarms. I use coins a lot and wait for guards to get to a good spot. Basicly like i said i am role playing a secret agent. Oh and another thing, so far my goal is to not get hit, i am in berlin and havent been hit yet, obviously on superspy. I do know that there are some missions where it is impossible to get hit, those super women and volkov for instance. But i will do my best
  2. SentinelAeon

    NOLF campaign extra challenge

    Hello, I decided to play nolf 1 and 2 campaign after a long time. I always play on hardest difficulty and this time i would like to add something extra to the gameplay, an extra challenge. To give you an idea what i am looking for ... the last time i played deus ex 3: human revolution that extra challenge was to mostly make non lethal shots and make enemies not be aware of me. As far as i know it is not possible to not sound the alarm in nolf 1 and 2 since lots of scenes are scripted and i dont want to go around without shooting. So first thing i know i am going to do is roleplay a secret agent (afterall that is what Cate is ), meaning i will try to go around as quiet as possible and miss as little shots as possible, try to sound as little alarms as possible. I would welcome some extra ideas for both nolf1 and nolf2, any ideas to spice my gameplay, make it a little different/better.
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