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    Ingame mouse look doesn´t work

    Bingo! "DPI scaling behaviour by application" and deactivated fullscreen optimization for lightec.exe nolf.exe and nolfserver.exe did the trick. Thanks to all!
  2. ahesdeef

    Ingame mouse look doesn´t work

    Hello, seems, that the mouse axis are not properly configured (In game only). When I move the mouse I stare at the ceiling and the mouse rotates very fast. Every movement seems to lead into a rotation to the right. I tried several configurations in windows mouse settings (including mouse acceleration) and within the game, but nothing works. In menue the mouse works normal. I use Windows 10 creators update, the standard mouse driver and nolf goty edition. The laptop GPU is intel and AMD. All other fixes work (widescreen, 1080p, windows 8 fix...) and the performance is good. Just the mouse look doesn´t work. Does anybody have got a solution? Thanks for helping
  3. ahesdeef

    Ingame mouse look doesn´t work

    Yes, I tried to slow down vai windows and ingame, activated and deactivated mouse acceleration, changed the resolution of the mouse sensor. It´s not just the speed. It seems, that every movement is leading to a rotation to the right. I can´t look up or down or left.