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  1. AgentBlack

    Running NOLF2 on NVidia 940MX

    Ah, ok. I guess it would show up then if I select the 940MX as primary device. Not really worth it, the Kaby Lake silicon seems up to the task. Thank you.
  2. My Acer laptop has two GPUs, intel HD and a 940MX with 2GiB dedicated memory. NOLF2 doesn't offer the NVidia to choose. Not really a problem I guess but I wonder why I can't use the NVidia.
  3. AgentBlack

    Configuring Gopher360

    Has anyone tried to configure Gopher360 to control NOLF2 with an xbox controller? I noticed there's an external config.ini containing a mapping of controller elements to virtual key-codes. I don't know if it works within the game, and if so, what mapping should be chosen (just going to start with NOLF2!), so I though it to be a good idea to ask if someone has done this before and like to share his/her experience. Mouse seems to be tied to the left analog control, which would be ok imo. However, source is available to make more advanced adjustments to the mapping.
  4. AgentBlack

    Welcome AgentBlack

    Good morrow Ladies and Gentlemen, and thank you for the welcome message, dear bot. I used to play NOLF, along with Alice, Outbreak et al., when it was new, and almost forgot about the genre for the last decade. Wonders of modern technology, namely youtube, not only reminded me how beautiful those games were, but informed me about the existence of a sequel. Of course, I got NOLF2, installed and patched it (upgrade, no-cd, widescreen - anything missing?) and am keen on playing it. Unfortunately there seem to be no obvious way to control the game with an xbox controller set. Switchblade 3 failed to run on Windows 10 pro, and so I'm currently seeking for another tool. Best regards, Agent Black