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  1. Thanks for the info. Can you provide the make and model of the headset?
  2. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all!
  3. Fantastic! Thanks for posting the info. This USB issue has likely wiped out the ability for so many people to play these old games for a very long time. Anyone else who can specifically name problem devices please do. If you have to use Billy's method and disable the USB through device manager please make mention if you have an Alienware PC.
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    Hi guys

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  5. Someone needs to fake a NOLF remake. Once they see someone is going to sell the game I'm sure they'll quickly find out who owns it. Then we can make lots of noise about a genuine remake!
  6. Billy, if you read this can you just let me know if your PC might be an Alienware PC by any chance?
  7. Excellent Billy! I'm still working and monitoring this particular USB related problem. Appears there are slight variations on different systems as you have found on yours. Thanks for reporting back because this really helps continue to piece things together. Agree on NOLF 1, found it to be a brilliant game! Don't think I ever enjoyed a game so much start to finish.
  8. I should also mention USB's definitely can affect Win 10 as I suspected even though I could only confirm Windows 7 myself. Windows 10 stopping games for the USB reason has been confirmed by another user for another game on another forum.
  9. Yes, please do make sure you run appropriate settings required for Win 10 or it may not launch because of this. My USB theory is being confirmed elsewhere so please do make sure you are running appropriate settings for Win 10 and have unplugged devices as I suggested before you give up on NOLF. If you can do try Alien Vs Predator 2 as well. I'm suspecting there is a good possibility NOLF and Alien Vs Predator 2 have the same issue.
  10. That'd be great, I'd be very interested. Make sure everything is unplugged and you don't miss anything. Looking forward to the results.
  11. Oh, Eliteone, just realized you are also running Win 10 I believe where as I am running Win 7 so that may be why you need to use the compatibility modes. Win 7 runs great with AA and AF also applied. NOLF 2 stability is another story, still playing through it, gave me issues in the first couple of levels so put it on an old XP machine then later transferred back to my Win 7 machine after I finished Siberia. Messing a little with NOLF 2 as well to see if some of the crash and texture issues can be resolved. Got to play it first and for me it's not in the same class as NOLF 1 so I'm playing other games and I'll get back to it when I feel the need. lol
  12. No, no need, game runs flawlessly start to finish without doing anything special. I have a bunch of devices plugged in, Logitech keyboard and mouse as well but it was after I bought headphones I hit the problem. I didn't relate the issue to the headphones immediately as I had them for quite a while before I launched NOLF. I noticed other games weren't working either at that point and went off error logs to track things down to a few legacy areas of Windows. Put it all together and came back to the headphones. Looking at other problem games and their forums found many instances where the same problem might be occurring to certain users. I'm quite confident this isn't a "one off" situation only occurring on my system. I'd expect it will be quite widespread.
  13. Okey dokey, here's what I got: Fully resolved my NOLF 1 problem. In my case it was a USB transmitter/receiver for wireless headphones that brought on the Client MFC error. If the USB was plugged in, NOLF 1 would not launch and give the error. If I removed the USB transmitter/receiver, the game starts up perfectly. I'm on Win 7, the above quoted user is on Win 10 but I would say operating system likely doesn't matter. The issue above is very likely same as mine, everything matches up. It's looking like some legacy Windows components are causing this particular problem and the legacy components are likely the same in both operating systems. That's why this same problem could occur on both Win 7 and Win 10 along with other operating systems like Win 8. So...if you have a start up problem similar to what is discussed here, simply unplug ALL devices to your PC except your mouse so you can actually launch the game. If you have a corded mouse you can use for testing use it. Any USB transmitters/receivers for wireless devices MUST be removed from your computer USB ports. In my case I found simply disabling the headphones via Device Manager doesn't work, the USB transmitter/receiver had to be physically removed. A computer restart after you have unplugged everything would be a good idea and then try and launch NOLF. I've found this problem can affect more than just NOLF. It appears games released in the 2000-2003 range appear to share a similar architecture which can lead to the same issue. Poster above mentions Alien Vs Predator 2 giving the same error as NOLF and it's a very high possibility the cause of AvP2 not working is the same as it is for NOLF. Release date for AvP2 is also in the correct time period. If you find it is a device that has caused your problem, please do post exactly what device it is! With more hardware information it may be possible to accurately track down and understand what and why it is occurring. At this point without some other hardware samples from people it's not worth it for me to waste any more time on. Hope this helps people out! NOLF 1 is a crazy great game and should be played by all! Edit: I should also mention I'm not confident this is the solution for the original OP but I would certainly still try it. Original OP managed to get the game semi started by messing with screen resolutions etc. I have found when it's a device problem the game is dead, won't do even a partial startup under any circumstances. However, this may not be accurate so certainly worth it for everyone with NOLF startup issues to unplug their stuff and see what happens!
  14. Did I say almost? I'm dead certain now! lol Need some more time...I'll be back...please add all your devices if you can't start NOLF in this thread along with your operating system. Brand and model details for devices would be great rather than just "got a gamepad"