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  1. Hello I don't have drop in the framerate but the game and the mouse is really laggy. I capped the framerate to 60fps (because in pcgamingwiki it's written exceeding 60 FPS causes timing-related issues) I capped it using bandicam as other methods didn't work like rtss and nvidia cp, tried changing mouse smoothing, hardware cursor and triple buffering, but it didn't help. So is there a way to make the game smooth ? Thanks. Edit: I also tried changing compatability mode to WinXp SP3 and I already have disabled the "Enhance Pointer Precision" I have both the widescreen mod and NOLFCompatFix. Edit2: Also changing vsync from Nvidia CP doesn't effect the game at all. Edit3: I'm playing the game since yesterday and I had drop in framerate few times.
  2. Welcome to the forums super1bat :)