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  1. Hey, Californians need to toke the bomb-bud, the poor bastards aren't even allowed to own ferrets. Ah, land of the Governator... Any man who, when asked a quote from one of his films which reflects how he felt when he won, quotes Conan: The Barbarian, deserves the big finger.
  2. Yeah, I know what you said you heard about appeal and you get death, but what I was saying above is that the media around the world is happily believing any lie they are told about Indonesian justice without even a quick phone call to verify the facts. I'll believe a professor of law who has studied Indonesia his whole life over the hacks at Newscorp any day (and twice on Tuesday). And hey; you know how I feel about drug laws. But I also believe in taking some responsibility for your actions, and, as we say around my backyard, copping it sweet. A good economist once explained that people in a society are in an unwritten, two-way contractual agreement wherein they are given the right to earn money which is theirs to keep and do with what they see fit. In a good society they are also given proper avenues to attain medical treatment and education at an affordable price. In entering into such an agreement, however, the people are bound to follow the rules of their society, and accept the punishments dished out. Now, this may seem like hypocrisy when you consider my position on the case which started this thread, but there is a difference. My point, in my long rambling reply to your post Knix, is that society has failed the underpriveleged, and has not met their contractual obligations. To add insult to injury the police are then used to set them up and throw them in the slammer! That's unspeakably immoral in my books. Society has not failed Schappelle Corby. She was studying a course which would have got her a good job, she obviously had enough money to take a trip to Asia for a holiday, which, even given the geographical conveniences, is still a $600 - $1000 return trip, and she got caught smuggling dope. And 4kgs?!? Dude! That's an arseload of dope! In New South Wales, the state I live in, we have a cannabis cautioning system. The police got so sick of mandatory prosecution for dope possession offences that they were given discretionary powers with pot. If you are found with pot, for personal use, the police are required to confiscte it and either issue a verbal or written warning, a "cannabis caution" (CC). Three CCs and you can be put in jail, but most cops don't issue CCs, they confiscate the drugs and then release the person holding them with a verbal warning which isn't recorded. I know friends who get sprung by sniffer dogs once a week or so, and they have never seen the inside of a court. But the maximum under NSW law which counts as personal use is 5 oz. which is somewhere around the 140 g. mark. Corby was holding about 3 - 400 times that amount. First offence or not, there are states in the US which will put you away for even longer than the Indos did for that quantity of any class-A illicit substance. I mean, 4 kgs?
  3. This could be the hardware causing problems. General Windows strangeness like drives vanishing could mean that your drives are running through a RAID or SCSI controller which is malfunctioning. How is networking? If you can get the computer hooked up to another you should be able to back up your stuff. When you put the XP bootable CD in after taking your stuff off it will ask whether to format the drive before installing. If you can't network it, go and buy a 10gb drive, put it in your PC as the primary master, then reinstall XP on it, and use it for Windows and virtual memory ONLY. Then, next time you need to format, you can format the system drive without having to erase your data, which should be on the other drives. In Australia hard disk space is less than $1 a gb at the moment, so, assuming similar pricing regimes, it won't be very pricey.
  4. Just in reply to what Knix said about Schappelle Corby, she's most probably guilty, so I think it's a shame, as we all know what a whacko I am when it comes to drug laws, but she wasn't set up or anything, she knew what the score was, so she should get put away like anyone else. What you don't see in world media reports about the case, because they are so desperate to demonise those nasty Muslims in Indonesia, is that her father is terminally ill, and has no money for treatment, her half brother is a career criminal who is mixed up with a variety of unsavoury types and on the video of her standing next to her bag while they open it, she is s***ing herself. Not a smoking gun but pretty compelling circumstantial evidence. As for the azz-backwards Indonesian legal system (what the hell does Azazel have to do with ANYTHING? ) I think that you, like most of the world, has bought the hype for $1.99 instead of paying $2.50 for the truth. Not long ago, during the trial, Australians were all in a huff about those primitive Indonesians, because newspapers all over the place started to tell people that the legal system in Indo has a presumption of guilt, rather than innocence. This is totally not true, and I read an article by an Australian legal professor, who had spent half his life studying their legal system, which suggested that their courts were at least as fair as ours. You know, the funny thing is that, currently, there are about a dozen Australians facing the death penalty for drug trafficking offences in various Asia countries. Unfortunately for them, they aren't pretty white girls from Queensland, so nobody gives a rat's about them. How strange... I'm not continuing with the poverty and theft discussion, as I've said my bit, and it would appear that in between my posting it and my coming back here some heated posting took place, so let's keep it chilled moon doggies. By the way Knix, that line in my post about eating babies was meant to mock liberals who call conservatives evil, just to clarify. No nastiness intended, but when I read it back it didn't sound that way
  5. Wow. Spoken like a true person who has never been poor, or hungry. Everything that you mentioned takes an investment of time, and often capital, which the people we are talking about don't have. Want to get a job? Get a suit and tie, costs money, got to go to an interview and wait around for 2 hours to be seen, costs time. Now if you're a single parent, where do you get that time or money? If you are mentally ill and have no insurance, how to do you get treatment enough to be able to get a job? And, how can you get insurance without money? And what if you haven't eaten for a couple of days? You see a bike and a job application form I guarantee that you will take the bike. Again, job apps take time, so what do you eat until then? And you know, when I see cops doing stings with fake prostitutes, I think: "Why not just start a fake HMO, wait for the board to elect a new director, then, as soon as he starts embezzling, slap the cuffs on, and give him a few kicks while you put him in the car." Oh yeah, I forgot. White collar criminals who ruin the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people get a stern talking to, while an underpriveleged kid who steals a bike gets chucked in jail where he will have a 75% probability of being gang-r**ed, a greater than 50% chance of becoming addicted to drugs and will, more than likely, become a recidivist, and spend the vast majority of his life behind bars. Don't just say that there are hundreds of other ways for people to feed themselves; why don't you go out and live on the street for a couple of weeks. Eat at these magical mystical soup kitchens where the soup is hot and fresh and flows freely. Sleep rough for two weeks, then try and apply for a job with your clothes stinking of body odour and covered in dirt and mess. Join a welfare to work program, and enjoy the thrills and spills of working 18 hour days for $2.75 an hour, woohoo...? And conservatives wonder why people think they have hearts as black as coal which only beat when they're sucking the blood from the neck of a newborn baby. A society must be judged by the conditions under which those most at risk are living, and, using that benchmark, neither of our countries comes off looking very good, Knix.
  6. But then they'd only catch middle class thieves, and we all know that the police are there to protect the middle classes from those awful nasty poor people Yeah, COPS is pretty evil...
  7. Have you looked outside your window lately? Truckers taking amphetamines, ambulance and firetruck drivers, as well as doctors and surgeons, chasing the dragon during their shifts, builders and factory workers hitting the piss during their lunchbreak, media/PR/Fashion/Film types coked up to their eyeballs swaying gently on 10 inch heels, bus and taxi drivers skinning up a big doob before a shift and the list goes on. Those things that you so desperately want to ensure aren't being done by hopped-up hooligans probably already are. Besides, it's prohibited to consume alcohol in the situations you decribed, so it would be logical to assume that the use of other drugs in those circumstances would also be disallowed. In his book "Out of if", Stuart Walton researches the history of intoxication in the modern world and concludes that, while there are many different reasons for it, almost every society in human history has a tradition of ritual intoxication. The great empires of the east were built on the back of the opium and hashish trade. Welcome to reality; people are taking drugs everywhere, and always have. Legalising drugs is a step that must be considered and trialled. Currently the world drugs trade is the biggest area of international black-market investment. That money gets used to traffic teenage prostitutes (slaves) around Europe, smuggle outworkers from Asia in shipping containers to the US and fund militias (and, yes, terrorists) in areas such as South America and Afghanistan. Taking money out of that system and creating an infrastructure through which to inform and educate is a far better idea, even if that also involves supply. I remember reading an article in a London paper where a minor UK celebrity made an excellent point about the average user's attitude to drugs. He said that when he was at Uni he lived with another guy, and both of them smoked copious quantities of the maryjane. The thing that he finds so shocking about it these days is that he and his mate used to skin up before breakfast, but neither of them would ever even think of downing a pint at that time of the day, because that's what alcho's do. Needless to say, the irony was lost on him at the time. Those in power have tried to make drug use "uncool" to dissuade kids from taking drugs, but those who dictate cool have never fallen in line. Even though Trainspotting makes the lives of junkies look horrible, they are still portrayed in a somewhat glamourous light. They are the new James Deans, rebels against a cold and difficult society; "Choose life. But why the f*** would I want to do that?" As a result, the abuse they inflict on their bodies' is percieved as a statement against that society, and not the act of self harm that it is. The point that I'm making is that, no matter what you do, people are going to try and get off their faces, and, while drugs are illegal (therefore rebellious, therefore "cool"), instead of listening to legitimate health arguments against what they are doing, those people who do have the urge to become intoxicated will dismiss all advice about their choices as nothing more than wowserism. Couple that with the damage that all of that drug money does around the world, and I think that's reason enough to explore decriminalisation at least, if not full legalisation. Remember: nothing says something's uncool better than "You know, your mother and I like to have a bit of..."
  8. Elefant Traks Underground Australian hip-hop label, no fake eminem accents here. You can listen to tracks from everything they've released by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "releases". You might not "get" them if you're from North America, but you should have a listen anyway. Stand-out traks: "Dasen" - The Herd "Surry Hills Pickup" - The Herd "77%" - An Elefant Never Forgets "Burn Down the Parliament" - An Elefant Never Forgets My personal favourite would have to be "Starship Troopers", which you can download from here By the way, explicit language warning to the kiddies: if your mum doesn't like you listening to the c-word or the f-word, maybe you should check out the traks on the site when she isn't around
  9. It's a very nice smiley That's why I suggested that you limit the number of votes somebody is allowed to call. That way, if you try to switch map and get voted down, you can't try again until next round. And if you try to kick somebody twice and fail both times, then you can't try again until next round. Harsh, but democratic
  10. Well put. I love that: "Aw, stop whining, base storm makes your skillz l33t" Huh? And here I thought that you were doing it to make your score/CSports rank higher, but now I see that you are spawn tagging and killing me repeatedly for my own benefit. Thanks dude! We need to break away from the ideas of the past... that's why we choose NOLF
  11. So you have a kick exceptions list for people who are in your clan. The ban list works that way, so why not the ban prevention list?
  12. Okay, true, but that happens already if a server mod is playing, so what's the big deal? It just means that it isn't only server mods who have the power to decide what happens next. Well it might make sense to make yourself a moderator on your own server, in which case you couldn't be kicked by your guests. That isn't actually true. A lot of games support /callvote, and, I don't know exact figures on this, but it seems to me as though around half of them leave it on.
  13. NOLF2 Team Fortress: General Rules: ========== - no weapon pickups. People select a class which determines what weapons and items they start with, but also the attributes of their character. Think of the classes as presets for the NOLF2 character development system, with a couple of added abilities for certain classes - there are still armour, health and ammo pickups - reviving is still present - each team has a flag. They score points by stealing the other teams' flag, then running over their own flag while holding it. - The game ends when a score or time limit is hit. Generally frags are irrelevant to the score. Distinct character classes: ================= -Scout: moves very fast, but can only carry a pistol with Cyanide and has a max health of 50, armour of 100 -Sniper: average movement speed, carries sniper rifle and pistol. Can become invisible by crouching in the same place for 15 seconds, becomes visible again when they shoot or move. Max health 50, armour 50 -Medic: fast movement speed, only carry CT-180 with glue, tranqs and a new type of dart, the healing dart, for use on teammates. Max health 200, armour 100 -Engineer: average movement speed, carries shotgun and pistol. Can resupply teammates with ammo and also repair their armour in the field. Max health 150, armour 150 -Demolitions Expert: very slow movement speed, carries Micromissile launcher and a full set of grenades (ie 5 of each type). Max health 200, armour 200 -Pyro: your friendly arsonist. Moves average speed, carries AK-47 with one phos clip and a set of acid-gas grenades. Max health 50, armour 100 -Double Agent: fast movement, carry a silenced pistol and a CT-180 with full glue and tranqs. Can disguise themselves as a player from the other team. Disguise fails if they shoot or get the other teams' flag. Max health 50, armour 100 -Trooper (AK-47): average movement speed, carry an AK-47, pistol and 3 grenades. Max health 50, armour 200 -Trooper (Gordon SMG): as above except with a Gordon SMG -Trooper (Gordon SMG SD): as above except with Gordon SMG Silenced -Trooper (Shotgun): as above except with a shotgun -Trooper (Sniper Rifle): as above except with a sniper rifle Job list: ===== - add class system to game, make model dependant on class - build menu for class selection - model the flag - make icons for new ammo types - make some maps. There are heaps of TF maps for other games to base these on, and DD maps can be easily converted - play play play! Anyone who wants to get into this can PM me. I'm open to suggestions, but would rather hear them after people have played a beta, not right now, because things which bother them now in theory might turn out to be fun in practice.
  14. Uh...AFK yes, but n00bs why? It's a vote, and the vast majority of people who play this game are fair and friendly to new players. And what's wrong with kicking AFK players anyway? Sometimes it's just that they left their PC for a moment, but sometimes it's a network error which leads to innaccurate reporting of team numbers. We should be able to kick people in that situation. Yes, that's why it is a vote, not "CoachJason says this, so you all have to comply". That's why you need to limit the number of /callvote commands each client can send per round, so that they use them sparingly. And besides, if you ignore votes then you simply keep playing and agree to abide by the ruling of the rest of the server. If it is just for kicking at first, then the vote would only be called in extreme circumstances.
  15. I think that the one thing that would end all of these problems is if a server-side callvote script can be written which will allow kicking/banning/forced level ending etc. That would be the first step, but it has other benefits too. Having been able to do it in heaps of games I'm a bit disappointed that we can't vote for what map we want next. There are some days when all I want to do is cruise Calcutta...