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  1. i even finished nolf2 while trying to fix nolf1 and i gotta say the nolf 2 was short and boring compared what nolf 1 was
  2. got the nvidia controlpanel to work after i did clean install of the drivers but still nothing seems to help running nolf i have googled the problem and tried every solution i could find and nothing seems to work.. sometimes (rarely) it boots up and lets me play but if i quit it wont launch again
  3. for some reason when i try to add liltech to nvidia controlpanel it crashes.. this problem occured after latest nvidia driver
  4. and if someone neeeds to know my specs. my pc is built by me with GTX1070 I5-6600k @4.5ghz asus maximus gene viii mobo custom liquid cooling loop 16gb kingston ddr4 @2666 256 samsung ssd 4tb hdd and monitor is acer xg270hu 2560x1440 144hz
  5. i am on windows 10pro 64bit and i have tried the compatability modes and they wont work... also tried unoffical patches and fixes that you can find in downloads here nah i have a 2560x1440 144hz freesync monitor but not using freesync since i have nvidia GTX 1070
  6. Update: aaand now im just getting a small black box or client mfc application has stopped working message... i really love this game and would love to play it again
  7. but now it somehow works if i play at 1920x1440 resolution wich is a bit smaller than my native but it will do only now and then ill get the error.. now issue is that my cutscenes are too fast cutting out speech and end of the cutscene
  8. as the title says..... Client MFC Application has stopped working
  9. when i launch no one lives forever i get this error.. nolf2 works fine but nolf wont launch
  10. Welcome to the forums cuddlyaf :)