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  1. Got both to work fine even with my custom built source files, not totally sure what the issue was but the GameDLL works with the custom source, thanks.
  2. I seemed to have fixed the crashing issues. I used this http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6220 to patch the host which makes the multiplayer client work, I also used Qtracker as well to test it. Both work fine, the only problem I have now the sever won't show up under the list with my other computer. In short it's like the server isn't global/portforwarded, however I know for a fact the ports are open and firewalls are completely disabled.
  3. Yes all of the programs are run as admin since I'm the administrator for the Windows XP VM I'm using, as well as my main OS which is Windows 10, both seem to have the same issues. I did try the multiplayer server launcher for NOLF2 it did work when querying servers. It seems once CJ tries to query servers it crashes. I had to record the crash since you can't see the error from the command prompt because it exits too quickly, here is a image of it. Seems to be something with the GameSpy server being down. https://imgur.com/a/q38u6
  4. Already had the multiplayer server downloaded from last night. The first problem is the multiplayer server refresh button for servers causes it to crash. The second problem is this multiplayer server still did not want to work with the built dlls from the source.Says the cshell.dll is missing even though it is in the new GameDLL. Thanks though.
  5. I've been trying to modify Contract Jack for some time now. I have the game and full source installed and everything builds correctly. However even using a fresh source and fresh game, the game will immediately exit when clicking on a server from the server list. Was just wondering if anyone has experience with the source and would be willing to help, thanks.
  6. Welcome to the forums Rivermar :)