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  1. To Eliteone: I finally solved the problem! I disabled themes and desktop composition and now everything runs perfectly fine! Thanks.
  2. Hi, it's been a while since i've made a topic about a NOLF problem, and yet, I still have one. But anyway, let's cut through the chase. There is a very annoying problem in my NOLF 2 game. It's a graphics problem. First three missions in NOLF 2 run perfectly fine, but when I get to the Inner Yard, I start to have these texture bugs. Very large colorful textures start to appear and doors dissapear. It eventually ends up crashing the game. I've tried literally everything (compatibily modes, run as administrator, etc.), but yet I couldn't find any working solution. My components: NVIDIA GTX 550Ti AMD Athlon X4 760K Windows 7 Pro 64bit I'm really starting to go crazy from all these texture bugs and game crashes. Please Help. - Alnetto There i added a picture of the door texture bug.
  3. Hello. I have small problem. I want to install Camuoflage Cate skin (winter model), but I don't know how? Can someone give me advice how to install the skin? Thank you.
  4. I wanna play No One Lives Forever 2 online and join by ip sends me an error message the serverlist cannot be displayed. What can i do???
  5. Welcome to the forums Alnetto :)