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  1. Felix

    Spectator Mod

    Can any one know how to port Spectator Mod to Contract J.A.C.K. When launching game this mod view me error in CursorMgr.cpp this file located in source code cshell.dll.
  2. I found in source code of J.A.C.K ClientShellDLL file Auto TargetMgr.cpp and Auto TargetMgr.h it is auto aim functions. I tried to use 3rd person in J.A.C.K Crossbow, Desert Eagle, all grenades works fine but other weapons shooting anywhere but not to enemy.
  3. On easy difficult J.A.C.K enabling auto aim. But when you go in third person in Nolf 2 crosshair in many weapons working bad. Maybe autoaim from J.A.C.K help on this problem.
  4. Welcome to the forums Felix :)