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  1. Back when i used to play NOLF 1 constantly, there was this quirky little multiplayer map that i liked coming back to. i believe it was made by someone from Germany. in the map you could freely wander around a street in the nighttime and find a building that you could walk into and interact with a lot of things this is not the highlight but the thing i most remember about the map is that it had a restroom you could go into, and every restroom cubical door had it's own sound when you opened them. most of the audio sounds were clips of german people speaking but the only english sound i remember was the sound clip from the movie "robin hood:men in tights" which was "A chastity belt ? Ugh! That's going to chafe my willy" it was a quirky fun map with things to explore and i'd really like to play it again if i could find it any help would be great, thanks
  2. Welcome to the forums FridaysAgent007 :)