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    Hi there, I fell in love with NOLF when it first came out a long long long long long time ago . After I played it through I couldn't wait for the next one to be released, but of course it was taking some time, which is of course normal . Since then about once a year I get a "craving" for both these games. So once a year I take them out of there box, which I was lucky to get my hands on, when I was living in England for a year, and play them until they are finished, but now I have to admit I do use the weapons cheats because I just like two or three weapons. I am proud to have the two games boxed at home as they are timeless classic and still play wonderfully on the computers nowadays. Also I think the humour and the orchestra never gets old . For the future I am hoping for some kind of breakthrough with either NOLF 3 or the remastering of the old two - as the saying goes hope dies last Thank you guys for keeping this homepage alive and for your work. It is nice to see that there is still so much passion in and around this game so many years after it's release.