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  1. Just to get an idea from the Republicans here... Who do you think is gonna win the nomination?
  2. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    hehe, disc is pretty damaged.
  3. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    installing it right now... edit: meh getting an error.
  4. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    Woo, turns out I still have them. Don't know if there's room on my PC at the moment. 2 RPGs take up quite some space... Well mainly one. World of Warcraft. And it's okay Trig, I was sent an email. I just happened to check on here before opening up MSN.
  5. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    I was bored just right now and went, "Hm, I think I'll see what everyone is up to at UnityHQ!" Then I found this! Unfortunately, I don't know where my NOLF2 CDs are.
  6. Does she even remember what the heck NOLF is? lol
  7. Excuse me... I disagree with what Skizzor posted... I found it rude, but those words were just thoughts and opinions of Skizzor. There is no need to stereotype all of WR. Not everyone is a jerk... or a buttcrack or whatever. I find everyone quite decent, most of the time. Some of us have made stupid mistakes, including me. However, I'm sure everyone's made a mistake. Our clan closed due to inactivity. More than half of our clan members are young and are busy with school. Therefore, there was a lack of determination. And Caip, I care. Anyway, best of luck to the NOLF Community. I'll see you from time to time when I'm not so busy.
  8. Hope things go well for you, Blue. I have many relatives in the Houston, Dallas area.
  9. Okay, I've done pretty much allll of those things. I still get pop-ups.
  10. Okay... so as some of you may know, Winfixer is an adware/spyware program. It has a popup saying that your computer is infected, is in serious danger, and that you need to download WinFixer inorder to fix it. So now, I have this constant WinFixer Ad that popups 20934780197 times and I can't seem to get rid of it. And... there was this one time I accidently downloaded the dumb thing. to completely uninstall, block, and remove this adware?
  11. Um... by the way, I'm 15. If you dislike politics and these types of discussions, why do you come here and say you don't care? To me, by you keep prancing around back in here saying "I don't care what you think" over and over, just shows that you do care. Since when did 99% of your classmates make up for the entire west coast? And the WWs didn't start ALL on ONE day. Different nations entered at different times. However, we do have an anniversary for Pearl Harbor, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, blah blah...
  12. Well, Spazz, you certainly don't speak for me and I live about 2 hours away from you. Sure, it may have not affected my everyday life... but it sure changed my outlook on life and the world. Please don't say you're speaking for half of the west coast, because you're not. We have our own voices, and I think it's pretty reasonable to say we can speak for ourselves.
  13. Well, I personally think ending maps after 1 minute into the game for 3 maps straight is boring and spoilsthe fun. I also think that base-storming for 20minutes straight is boring and also spoils the fun. I like asking THE question (well most of the time, anyhow). "Place?" or.... you could just switch to the losing team.
  14. Jojo

    Marshall Law

    Goo, what would YOU do if your country has been devastated with such diaster and looters are going around for personal gain? I'm for Marshall Law.
  15. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me why they would play volleyball if they didn't like it. I played left hitter.