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  1. Jojo

    US Presidential Election

    Just to get an idea from the Republicans here... Who do you think is gonna win the nomination?
  2. Jojo

    Post Your Picture

    NOVA!!! anyway hey guys! happy new years! nice to see all of you. haha about the shotgun... doubt i'll ever be able to pull off shooting with that thing.
  3. Jojo

    Post Your Picture

    *Randomly pops up again* Merry Christmas guys! The last time you guys saw me was when I was what... 12? hahah Well, 5 years later: I'm on the left. Band geek much? It was windy... so sorry for the hair.
  4. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    hehe, disc is pretty damaged.
  5. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    installing it right now... edit: meh getting an error.
  6. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    Woo, turns out I still have them. Don't know if there's room on my PC at the moment. 2 RPGs take up quite some space... Well mainly one. World of Warcraft. And it's okay Trig, I was sent an email. I just happened to check on here before opening up MSN.
  7. Jojo

    Reunion Weekend?!

    I was bored just right now and went, "Hm, I think I'll see what everyone is up to at UnityHQ!" Then I found this! Unfortunately, I don't know where my NOLF2 CDs are.
  8. Jojo

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Thanks guys! I haven't been on here for awhile. Busy with school. You know me. Honors, APs. Good stuff! Anyway thanks guys. At 16 years now.
  9. Jojo

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    I figured Foxsy would post something stupid... er I mean negative. And yes, it's the year of the dog.
  10. Jojo

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Happy Lunar New Year! Gong hay fat choy!
  11. Jojo

    Kit Harris Interview

    Does she even remember what the heck NOLF is? lol
  12. Jojo

    I Need Your Help

    Tamara Shannon Colleen Elizabeth Kathy Melody Macina Delaney Irene
  13. Jojo

    Happy Halloween!

    whoa nice touches!
  14. Jojo

    [WR]'s Closing

    Excuse me... I disagree with what Skizzor posted... I found it rude, but those words were just thoughts and opinions of Skizzor. There is no need to stereotype all of WR. Not everyone is a jerk... or a buttcrack or whatever. I find everyone quite decent, most of the time. Some of us have made stupid mistakes, including me. However, I'm sure everyone's made a mistake. Our clan closed due to inactivity. More than half of our clan members are young and are busy with school. Therefore, there was a lack of determination. And Caip, I care. Anyway, best of luck to the NOLF Community. I'll see you from time to time when I'm not so busy.