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  1. People still liking this?! Whoa! Guess I did a real good job xD
  2. Yo, So recently I was bored and I wanted to make a small scene of No One Lives Forever. So I decided to make this part of the game in Unreal Engine. The idea was simple. I wanted to have a night time scene - which was in the original game aswell - somewhere in North-America. When I thought about North-America I was thinking about Canada. The beautiful nature of the Canadian forests. So I added a lot of grass and bushes over there. Because it's a Lumber area, I decided to add in felled trees. Rain was in the original game not here and wasn't even suppose to be, but I know none of the NOLF maps have rain in it, so I thought it was a good idea to introduce rain to the map and make it stormy. This map won't be released because the design is original from Monolith Productions or all those other companies who worked at these games (So many companies, so I'm not sure who owns the copyrights) The map isn't playable because there is nothing made for NOLF on the Unreal Engine. The only thing that could be done is adding it to another game but I don't want that. Anyway here a fly-through and some screenshots!
  3. Working on too much maps :P

  4. Welcome to the forums TK0104 :)