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  1. "Can only download four files at one time"

    I got rid of the downloads, but it's still giving me the "4 downloads at a time" issue. Want to try again one by one. EDIT: Hmm, even now I'm unable to download. No matter what, even after clearing my download history, I'm still getting "4 downloads at a time". Wonder if rebooting my computer will help. EDIT 2: I was looking through a thread talking about the mouse fix and you mentioned you ran the game entirely fine in Windows 10 just through compatibility? What did you do to get it working perfectly? The only way I can get it remotely smooth is dgVoodoo2 with mouse smoothing completely up, and even that isn't perfect. FINAL EDIT: I want to try the multiplayer server launcher and see if that fixes the stuttering better, but again, I'm still running into the four downloads problem, even with rebooting my computer. Seems like it's a glitch with my account now. Can you have a look at it? Thank you.
  2. So I was trying to redownload and reinstall the NOLF GOTY files to see if the mouse stutter and framerate fix works if I properly installed it on my current computer rather than moving the files directly from another (been using dgVoodoo2 and mouse smoothing in the meantime), but the files were interrupted mid-download twice, meaning they stopped at around 100 or so MB. I tried redownloading again, but due to the fact that the downloads weren't completed, now I can't download anything. Is there any way to help? Thanks.
  3. Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Old post now, but I never had any issues with stutter on AVP2 once I simply ran it in windowed mode, so it should be fine. I'm mainly bumping this thread because I was wondering if the mouse stutter and FPS fix only works if you have an installation of the game in your registry. I've recently transferred computers and my NOLF files aren't inside the registry. The game still works fine, though, because I'm using a no CD crack that launches it with no problem. However, installing the NOLFCompatFix.sdb file seems to not be working and the only thing that seems to mitigate the stutter is using dgVoodoo2 and then putting mouse smoothing to max. It's playable in this state, but I wonder if the dedicated fix is better, and also if I'm installing it wrong. Thank you.
  4. Why is NOLF not available on Steam?

    Yeah. I do occasionally find old games for sale from the thrift stores in my area, so there's a chance they might appear. I found old copies of Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty 4 there, among others. Hopefully I might get lucky and find a legit copy of NOLF 1 and 2 there. At least fans are preserving them.
  5. Why is NOLF not available on Steam?

    I saw. A shame this is the only way to actually get the games these days.
  6. Contract Jack Widescreen Problem

    I'm having the same issue. I used both the WeaponTest and Multiplayer Launcher to get widescreen and it crashes every time. The one time I switched to 1920x1080 from the menu, the menu formatting is messed up and it's cut off. The Wobaks widescreen (sp?) for NOLF2 doesn't have this problem, although the widescreen patch that came with LiveForeverPlus, I think it was, did have this issue. Tried using the other one but since it was designed for NOLF2, not Contract JACK, it doesn't load. So there's really nothing that works for Contract JACK to get proper widescreen for me.
  7. I'm on Windows 10 (with all the updates) and recently reinstalled NOLF2. However, I'm having a weird bug where if I run the LiveForeverPlus mod, picking up bodies doesn't put me in the "move body" state where my weapon disappears and I'm moving the body. The body just disappears and I can't put it down unless I aim at another body. This issue isn't there if I don't run the mod, and I'm able to play the game fine without it, but I'm wondering if that's just some weird hitch with my version of the mod or if it's commonplace. I'm not too miffed about it as I don't play much NOLF2 multiplayer, and the single player seems to work fine, but I'm just curious.
  8. Why is NOLF not available on Steam?

    Right now, No One Lives Forever and Soldier of Fortune are the two classic FPS series that aren't available for sale anywhere that I really want, and it's sad. I wonder if there's anyone out there working on resolving the rights issue or if the situation is just untenable. Some news would be nice...
  9. Frame rate Drop When Zooming on the sniper

    Alright, I'll write it here: To install DGVoodoo 2: 1. Download the files from (there might be a false flagging by anti-virus software but it isn't a virus). 2. When downloaded, there are two folders (MS and 3Dfx) and the dgVoodoo.exe file. 3. Because NOLF1 is Direct3D, copy all the files in the MS folder (D3D8.dll, D3DImm.dll and DDraw.dll) into the NOLF folder holding the Lithtech.exe file. Copying DGVoodoo.exe isn't necessary. 4. Open DGVoodoo.exe and click the Add button. Navigate to the folder you put all the files in and hit Select Folder. 5. Now there will be a specific profile for NOLF that you can fiddle around under the DirectX tab. That should fix all the issues, though there are a few things to keep in mind. "Disable and passthru to real DirectX" will disable the emulation and cause it to not function. Forcing bilinear filtering and linear mip filtering could cause some artifacting on letters. Antialiasing caused some not insigificant frame drops for me, so use with caution. I have Force VSync on which I don't know if it was what fixed the issue, but I have it on with no problems. I don't know what Apply Phong Shading is, but I have it on with no problems either. Fast video memory access and bilinear blit stretch gave me weird artifacts in Splinter Cell, but that's a different game on a different engine to NOLF. I kept them off just in case. Obviously, turn off the dgVoodoo watermark so it doesn't ugly up the game. And that's about it as far as I know. All I know is I put the files in there and now the issues have mostly been resolved. The fps jerkiness from pop up menus is gone and while there are still framedrops for using the scope, the framedrops are significantly smaller, dropping merely to 60fps from my usual monitor refresh rate of 75 Htz. Mouse smoothing still needs to be maxed out and the game still needs to be run in Windowed mode for maximum smoothness, but now it's completely playable. The only issue at the moment is that Alt Tab seems to cause my game to crash. As a side note: To get Borderless Windowed (basically faked Fullscreen look): 1. Download Borderless Gaming from here: then open the program 2. Run NOLF1 in Windowed mode. 3. Select NOLF from the Applications Window and move it to Favorites, which will automatically make the game borderless as soon as it launches. 4. The Borderless Gaming program can be hidden out of the way into the tray, so it can just run in the background and automatically make NOLF play like in Windowed mode but look Fullscreen 5. The launcher might also be stretched out, which is awkward but not too big a deal, I think. Being that this requires Alt Tabbing in order to set it up, it's a good idea to do this first and then do the dgVoodoo later as Alt Tabbing with dgVoodoo seems to crash the game. Hope you got all that giant wall of text. lol
  10. Frame rate Drop When Zooming on the sniper

    Ah okay, well I will endeavor to try and grab a copy from that way then, though it's sad I can't easily grab a digital copy off GOG or something. Either way, DGVoodoo2 seems to have fixed the issue so if someone in the future has issues, could tell them about that.
  11. Huh weird. I never had issues with that. lol Right now my main problem is that NOLF1 has some odd performance bugs, such as somewhat jerky aiming (even with max mouse smoothing), fps drops with using the scope, and jerky movement with any pop up menus. Makes aiming difficult. Any idea what's going on there?
  12. You could probably rebind the keys in the config files but I'm not sure which particular file stores the key bindings.
  13. Frame rate Drop When Zooming on the sniper

    I tried that, but it didn't really help. Running in Windowed helped on Windows 8.1 along with fellow LithTech game AVP2, but it didn't seem to help with NOLF1 (bizzarely, AVP2 runs fine on fullscreen on Windows 10 for me). EDIT: In case something I listed might explain some of the issues I'm having: I installed the NOLF1 Revival copy that's bundled with the widescreen patch off I'm using max settings on everything, running it at 1920x1080 and pushed texture resolution to max. I run the game in Steam as a non-Steam game to check my framerate, but the laggy feeling exists even if I run the exe directly. I tried using the compatibility settings with MS Compatibility Administrator which didn't really help. It might have helped make it somewhat playable, but the laggy feeling is still there and the framerate drops in both scopes and pop ups are still there. Running the game in compatibility mode for Windows 8, 7, XP etc. didn't help, neither did Administrator. Windowed mode didn't really help. I imported LithTech.exe into NVidia profiles to try and force VSync, framerate limits, and other stuff into the game. While it works at doing so, it didn't really help with the lag or framedrops. Also, another bizarre thing: the game feels laggy when I bring up pop up menus (such as swapping ammo) but the Steam overlay claims I'm getting 100+ FPS (I normally keep VSync on, so the game is set at my monitor's refresh rate: 75FPS), so apparently my framerate is actually increasing, not decreasing. The only thing that somewhat worked was boosting mouse smoothing to the absolute max, but even then, some laggy feeling exists. Like sometimes, I'd move the mouse but the crosshair itself wouldn't move, making lining up precise shots kind of difficult. So yeah, I'm kind of at a loss here. :\ EDIT 2: I tried Windowed mode again with max mouse smoothing and that seems to be less jerky than max mouse smoothing with fullscreen. Still doesn't fix the scope drops or the pop up menu jerkiness but the core shooting feels tolerable now. At least for now. I wonder if DGVoodoo would work at solving some of these issues. EDIT 3: Huh, DGVoodoo 2 seems to actually work. After I put the D3D files from DGVoodoo 2 into the game, put the game in Windowed mode and put mouse smoothing to max, now the game seems to run smooth enough and the framerate issues when popups occur no longer happen. Frame drops still occur with scopes, but the drops are significantly lower. Before, it'd normally be 75 FPS and drop to 40 FPS, now it's dropping only to 60FPS, which is perfectly playable. I'm not sure if it requires everything I mentioned, but right now the game seems playable. I even manage to make the Windowed mode borderless with the Borderless Gaming program. The only issue now is I think DGVoodoo doesn't play well with Alt Tab, so if I Alt Tab the game will crash. But otherwise, it's perfectly playable for me now. Thanks for the help and this might be worth noting for future people who have issues.
  14. Frame rate Drop When Zooming on the sniper

    I'm having this issue on Windows 10 as well, along with the fact that the framerate stutters heavily whenever any popups occur, mostly when I'm swapping ammo types. Anyone got a fix for this? Seems like there's a DrawDLL or something for Windows 8 but it doesn't seem to be there for Windows 10.
  15. Welcome to the forums gameragodzilla :)