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  1. Good to hear! Now if only we could crowdfund a group of lawyers to go sort out the rights issue so we can finally buy these games on GOG.
  2. It's just annoying that NOLF is in such a bad state rights wise. This forum is basically the only thing keeping NOLF alive, even if I don't come here often. If only the people involved could hash it out so I can finally get a digital copy of these games on GOG somewhere.
  3. Oh wow, I thought GOG gave up on this due to WB, Activision and Fox dicking around. If NOLF does get a remaster a la Turok, I’d be estatic. I still have persistent troubles with stuttering on NOLF 1, only reducing it to manageable levels. If Night Dive secured the rights and did a remaster to get it running smoothly on Windows 10 at widescreen with good performance, it’d bring so many new fans to the series.