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  1. gameragodzilla

    More rumors about the Nolf series coming to GOG

    Oh wow, I thought GOG gave up on this due to WB, Activision and Fox dicking around. If NOLF does get a remaster a la Turok, I’d be estatic. I still have persistent troubles with stuttering on NOLF 1, only reducing it to manageable levels. If Night Dive secured the rights and did a remaster to get it running smoothly on Windows 10 at widescreen with good performance, it’d bring so many new fans to the series.
  2. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Well that should be similar to mine, then, though I did install my copy on a mechanical hard drive rather than my SSD C: drive. Let me know how your copy goes. What setup did you have before with NOLF and how did it work then?
  3. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Alright thanks. You're also using a Windows 10 system, right? It's strange. Out of all the LithTech engine games I own, this is the only one that's having these issues. NOLF2 runs fine. Contract JACK, though I didn't play much, runs fine. AVP2 runs fine. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault runs fine, and that wasn't even a Monolith game. So I'm baffled why this particular game is giving me so much trouble.
  4. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Yeah, sorry I ended up editing the prior post rather than just making a new one, but the main point I've made still is the same. All the fixes I've made for NOLF simply mitigates the mouse problems that the game has, whereas AVP2 flat out doesn't have them, and the easiest way to see the problem is to let the game run at super high framerates and test the mouse movement there. Since you've obviously played these games the most out of anyone I ever knew, you're the best source at telling me how these games should run on modern hardware. Thank you.
  5. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    I'm playing it in windowed mode at the moment, though I'm still having those odd issues. It just gets worse as the framerate increases. You don't have those problems at a high framerate? EDIT: Also, I've been trying to use the GOTY ISOs to see if that fixes stuff, but like here: I'm having the same issue regarding older installation. Unfortunately, I don't have an XP machine handy to get around it like this person in the thread did. I'm just wondering now if that actually helps at all, and what your experience is with this stuff. I know for a fact that regardless of what fix I implement, if I remove any framerate cap, the mouse will be very jittery and often refuse to move at all, even though the game is running at a massively huge framerate. If I turn using the keyboard, it looks very smooth, but if I try turning with the mouse, it'd constantly shake, or often be stuck for a while before suddenly moving again. Capping it at 60FPS makes the mouse move more or less correctly, but the stutter feeling is still there. I'm just now wondering if you'll have similar issues at that high framerate or if your game works perfectly fine regardless. If you end up having similar issues, then I guess my current set up is the best it's gonna get. If not, then I want to figure out what's going on with my copy. Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I wanted to give out as much information as possible. The TL;DR is basically to turn off any VSync, GSync or framerate limiter and see how the game plays when it's, like, 500 FPS or something. The Advanced Field Training section at the start of Santa's Workshop is the most prone to the type of mouse glitches I have.
  6. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Vivaldi, which is based on Chrome. Could be that that's the issue. I do also have Microsoft Edge installed normally. That being said, the problem really isn't the download anymore, as TheISOZone's version of the files seem fine. Now, as mentioned in another thread, I'm unable to uninstall it on Windows 10. I've learned to just try and deal with it. Seems like the stuff I've done, which was using dgVoodoo2, adding the mouse fixes, and limiting my framerate to 60FPS has made it mostly playable, though it's still not perfect. I'm just wondering if you also have that issue, and if it's something that affects all copies of NOLF 1 these days. I notice that it gets especially bad if the framerate is ludicrously high. For instance, if I turn off VSync and framerate limits entirely, I can get like 500 frames per second and the mouse flat out will not move a lot of times. The strange thing is I get this issue at super high framerates in NOLF1, but I don't have that issue at all in Aliens vs. Predator 2 despite it using an identical engine. At that high framerate, I just have the usual problems of dialogue and scripted events all going way too fast, but the mouse is still highly smooth. So I dunno.
  7. gameragodzilla

    Uninstalling NOLF

    So I found the GOTY ISO files to try and reinstall NOLF 1 to see if adding all these mouse fixes there will be more effective, but I can't seem to uninstall the NOLF copy I have. I tried uninstalling through the ISO, which gives me an error and quits. I tried looking for an uninstaller in the NOLF installed folder but only found an icon. Then I tried deleting all registry entries relating to it, but that's still not working. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Not really, I’m afraid. There’s just the file and the file name on the site. As for your ISOs, could you upload them in an alternate source as well? Maybe Mediafire or MEGA? I can download other stuff off this site just fine, but it seems like the ISOs just keep stopping mid-download.
  9. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Hm, is there an alternate source I can download the GOTY ISOs? I found the ones on TheISOZone, but they seem to be smaller in size than what you have so I'm not sure if their version is missing anything or not. I did find this, though: (uploading that file as well) I don't know if it's a placebo or not, but it seems like this file most mitigates the problem. I still feel like it's not perfect, but it feels playable now based on what little I've played so far. I still use dgVoodoo2 and mouse smoothing, but all of that combined with this seems to fix the problem for me. Will still want to reinstall the game at some point, though. I'm starting to see black bars in the menu as well, even though the game itself seems to look fine. EDIT: I do think this has been pretty effective. Tested one of the more prominent areas that stutter, which was Santa's lab training areas, and using this alongside mouse smoothing is the most effective so far at mitigating the problem for me. It seems perfectly playable now, so I think this file might be worth adding to the other mouse fixes for those who want it. In the meantime, I'm gonna download the GOTY ISOs from TheISOZone and reinstall NOLF1 to see if that further fixes anything. Thanks a lot for your help. It's been getting closer and closer to fully playable for me. dinput.dll
  10. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    It's been a while, so I'm bumping this thread again because I'm still having issues with mouse stutter. Again, I can mitigate it using dgVoodoo2 and mouse smoothing, but it still feels off. NOLF 2 performs absolutely fine with no problem, so it's weird why NOLF 1 keeps persisting with these issues. I wonder if anyone else has these problems. EDIT: As an update to this, it seems like the NOLF Server launcher flat out does not work on my PC at all. It flat out will not launch the game. I'm gonna try to download the GOTY ISO files and reinstall the game, then reinstall the launcher, though I'm having problems with the ISOs stopping mid-download. Could be due to the spotty internet. Thanks for the help, nevertheless, though. Sent $5 your way. Hope that helps at least a little.
  11. gameragodzilla

    "Can only download four files at one time"

    I got rid of the downloads, but it's still giving me the "4 downloads at a time" issue. Want to try again one by one. EDIT: Hmm, even now I'm unable to download. No matter what, even after clearing my download history, I'm still getting "4 downloads at a time". Wonder if rebooting my computer will help. EDIT 2: I was looking through a thread talking about the mouse fix and you mentioned you ran the game entirely fine in Windows 10 just through compatibility? What did you do to get it working perfectly? The only way I can get it remotely smooth is dgVoodoo2 with mouse smoothing completely up, and even that isn't perfect. FINAL EDIT: I want to try the multiplayer server launcher and see if that fixes the stuttering better, but again, I'm still running into the four downloads problem, even with rebooting my computer. Seems like it's a glitch with my account now. Can you have a look at it? Thank you.
  12. So I was trying to redownload and reinstall the NOLF GOTY files to see if the mouse stutter and framerate fix works if I properly installed it on my current computer rather than moving the files directly from another (been using dgVoodoo2 and mouse smoothing in the meantime), but the files were interrupted mid-download twice, meaning they stopped at around 100 or so MB. I tried redownloading again, but due to the fact that the downloads weren't completed, now I can't download anything. Is there any way to help? Thanks.
  13. gameragodzilla

    Nolf Mouse stutter fix

    Old post now, but I never had any issues with stutter on AVP2 once I simply ran it in windowed mode, so it should be fine. I'm mainly bumping this thread because I was wondering if the mouse stutter and FPS fix only works if you have an installation of the game in your registry. I've recently transferred computers and my NOLF files aren't inside the registry. The game still works fine, though, because I'm using a no CD crack that launches it with no problem. However, installing the NOLFCompatFix.sdb file seems to not be working and the only thing that seems to mitigate the stutter is using dgVoodoo2 and then putting mouse smoothing to max. It's playable in this state, but I wonder if the dedicated fix is better, and also if I'm installing it wrong. Thank you.
  14. gameragodzilla

    Why is NOLF not available on Steam?

    Yeah. I do occasionally find old games for sale from the thrift stores in my area, so there's a chance they might appear. I found old copies of Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty 4 there, among others. Hopefully I might get lucky and find a legit copy of NOLF 1 and 2 there. At least fans are preserving them.
  15. gameragodzilla

    Why is NOLF not available on Steam?

    I saw. A shame this is the only way to actually get the games these days.