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  1. Hello everyone. I heard about the NOLF series when i asked about PC games that are like the Timesplitters series (BTW i recommend you check them out. They're console exclusive sadly but a new fan-made installment called "Timesplitters Rewind" is being currently made.), and a lot of people pointed me to this game. I already got NOFL 1 and expected to be able to download some mods from this site before starting but i guess i have to post something before being able to download anything. I understand you want people to be socially active on the site and avoid being leechers, but in my opinion this sort of ridiculous. I haven't played NOLF 1 yet, but it's already installed and i expect to be able to play next weekend. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. Welcome to the forums MHFiver :)