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  1. You star! I'd installed the Widescreen mod by I think Wobak? I'll have to have a look for this other mod though.
  2. Just thinking out loud here for NOLF 2. Would it be possible to edit the overlay texture I'm guessing they use as part of the overlay for scopes so that it is already set at a 16:9/16:10 etc resolution and can be added to the game's texture files? I've been poking around the game's files just now to try and have an experiment but not having much luck.
  3. I found that the first time that I try to load a savegame it tends to crash with a Client MFC error but the second time I try to load - then it works successfully. Similar in how it takes the two attempts to get the game to launch initially. I've just been having a poke around in the game's unpacked files to see if it's possible to do anything about the screen overlays to add in support for 16:9 resolutions.
  4. Same result when using compatibility modes or running with Admin command on an Admin layer user account. I tried them before just to be sure. To be honest I'm more curious if other people have had the same issue? It works, just a little bit more fiddly than it needs to be. The interesting thing I guess is that it is the second title that does this I've found. Close Combat 3 The Russian Front from 1998 does the same thing.
  5. The game is installed successfully, patched to 1.3 and has the map packs installed. The problem is that when running the game - or at least the launcher initially, it shows as an active process in the task manager but doesn't fully load. Once that process is manually ended and the launcher is ran a second time then it works and it is possible to play the game. Has anyone else encountered this on Win7 and have a way around needing to run once and kill the process before successfully starting the game on a second launch? I thought maybe using a batch file could do it though I'm unsure of the process to launch *then* end a process and then launch the game a second time to access it all within a batch file.
  6. Welcome to the forums Hicks :)