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  1. Ok. Solution is ignore everybody else that is shooting at you (tricky if you are on high difficulty setting) and concentrate on shooting the mime king. I managed the kill shot just a second or so before he disappeared down the left alley - well not a kill shot as he escapes but I get the cut-scene with Ms Archer saying he won't be so lucky next time. Solution is therefore: go back to start of level and keep trying, pumping as much lead into the mime king whilst ignoring damage to yourself as much as possible.
  2. Hi, I'm having the same issue on Windows 10 64 bit 1608 build. I end up stuck on a tricycle in front of a closed door (the second door). This builds up by first the mime king disappearing just after the first door and you end up chasing nothing from then to the second door. After a few re-runs I found the mime stopped just after the second door - if I kept on machine gunning him (facing backwards) around the subsequent twists and turns the mime king ended up catching up, then going through me, the taking the lead again. Now the mime king reaches the second door then peels off down the alleyway to the left, still leaving me stuck in-front of the closed door. Does anybody have a saved game just after this point they can upload to the download site so I can proceed - I am aware that I'll have your skills progression but hey?
  3. Welcome to the forums blobby :)