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  1. Sadly this wineskin wrapper doesn't work for me. When trying to install NOLF there and selecting the Setup.exe, an X11 error occours and exists the installer. WHich wineskin engine would be the best here?
  2. Hello there, so i have this old NOLF (german) CD lying here around for ages and tried to install the game on my Mac (el Capitan) via a wine wrapper. Installation worked fine and I also managed to get around the "insert CD2" notification . Before the game starts I can do some settings like resolution and so on. But when I start the game the screen is black (after shortly been white) and then quits. What can I do about this? Has anyone of you tried to install this game on an actual OS X machine lately? thanks for the help kind regards suppenkasper
  3. Welcome to the forums suppenkasper :)