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  1. Sorry for not checking back for a year, and unclear explanation.

    To any of those who still have a problem with this black screen

    and lazy to go configuration dgVoodoo,

    > I've upload my config here ::

    Just copy into game directory, I've provided the picture so that will make it more easier.


    - I don't know about the 'mouse not working' problem but I'll take a look for it later.

    - This files that I uploaded are also can be use for NOLF2 (Black-screen problem: Try getting shot with poison and see what happen)

    - This files use on GOTY Version > for normal version = I don't know bro.


    Try this with 'disable movies' in advance setting and select display setting as 'dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper'

    I don't know if the widescreen resolution will cause the problem, so I always play 4:3 ratio.


    I'll be in touch, so leave a comment if you occurred any problems. 


  2. So I managed to find the cause of the problem, its the Nvidia Optimus, I play it on both PC and my laptop and found that on PC it's work just fine but except on laptop that has a black screen problem. I think that the issue come from the Intel driver, because the game using Intel Graphic Display rather than NVIDIA itself, I test this both with Intel Graphic installed and not, result is if I not install the Intel Graphic Driver the black screen issue will be solved but the game will run extremely lag


    so to conclusion, if I can make a game run through the gpu display rather than cpu display, this issue will fix


    the new driver surely dont like old game