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  1. Yee XD Claymore is really cool
  2. Ye :3 oh and also, can i ask that, Coop servers will be online someday? o:
  3. Yes, i checked everything, but nothing
  4. Yes >-> Here are some pics http://kepkezelo.com/images/gk2qudteyfy31xzg9l6w.png http://kepkezelo.com/images/5otz2i6ee3hvr0crev9k.png http://kepkezelo.com/images/fmrev2e9zrnhae13iq3d.png http://kepkezelo.com/images/lknxtvl8lc2kbhpe6yaz.png http://kepkezelo.com/images/eaqp0cvj4kgs74gddfz2.png http://kepkezelo.com/images/6luktmahwi1q4pd5qbxw.png
  5. Hi, so my problems are the following: When i start the game, it says "missing cshell.dll" and when i connect to a multiplayer server the game is loading, and then it says "invalid CD key" I have the original game so i don't really understand what's the problem? >-> Could you help me guys? I would be thankful c:
  6. Hachiko

    Hello :)

    Hi :3 Nice to meet you
  7. Hachiko

    Hello x3

    I'm new here, aaand i am 18 yrs old, i live in Hungary, and i love NOLF 2 :3 I know this game since i was a kid and it really impressed me :3 By the way, it's good to see that everybody is still active here
  8. Welcome to the forums Hachiko :)