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  1. Sladernimo

    NOLF 1 Co-Op Mod Complete

    First of all thank you sooo much for this mod! I love coop mods and this one is such great work It is possible to play threw the sp campaign in coop pretty well. I admit that the exitlevel command doesn't work. How about a restart map command? It would help much especially in the case when a mission objective is failed. ATM the only thing you can do is to restart the whole server i guess.
  2. Sladernimo

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Hello everyone. I'm glad to see that a great community for the games nolf & nolf2 exists and that I'm part of it now Thank you especially for the coop mods! They're awesome!
  3. Welcome to the forums Sladernimo :)