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  1. StrOnzO

    Hosting a Server

    I downloaded the Multiplayer Launcher. Obviously there are enough Servers, but no People playing. At least when i was looking :/
  2. StrOnzO

    Hosting a Server

    Hello there Guys. I am StrOnzO, maybe you know the old NOLF 1 Clan Hydro-Culture from Germany? If not, it doesnt matter So we had our yearly LAN- Meeting and were curious, if NOLF is still alive?!? As i see, it is kind of. My Question is, what is needed to host a Server? I tried ingame, but since Gamespy is dead there were no Servers, so we want to host our own. I tried to Download the Multiplayer Launcher but failed due to restrictions And all the other Topics were very old, so maybe you can help me?!? Cheers And sorry for my English, its decades ago i was used to this...
  3. Welcome to the forums StrOnzO :)