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  1. Well I'm having no luck so far on Win 8.1 - It just won't launch and I've tried all the updates, running it as admin, compatibility mode. I'll try the multiplayer launcher but I really only wan't to play the story mode. @FortranDragon what compaitbility fix are you referring to? I can't see anything like that in the downloads section, unless you just mean the patches? EDIT: OK Well the multiplayer laucher does manage to launch the game but as it loads I get the MFC Applcation has stopped working error...arrgh I've been at this for hours and so close, an others have it running so why can't I get it going? EDIT2: Interestingly I have 2 monitors and dual graphics cards, I noticed both screens would filcker and go black one after the other while launching just before the MFC error. On a hunch I disconnected the second monitor, now the game runs fine!
  2. Welcome to the forums Zakalwe :)