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  1. {BAB}sugarpie


    I enjoyed that. Please don't stay away to long. you will be missed. Please keep in touch.
  2. :'( So that means, I loose again... Just jokeing. I love being me.. Just keep smileing, and i'll be around.. I have something funny. My 6 year old says. Angelina smell your bed! I ask whats it smell like? She says it smells like Angelina!!! lmao!!! What kids will say!!!
  3. Hello to all peeps.. I would like to Thank Unity HQ in this poll.. I think it keeps peeps wanting to do their best in Nolf 2.. Plus it makes the game more challenging.. I would love to have a poll on worst player as I be the winner.. But I have fun playing.. So I would like to thank all the peeps that voted for me.. Love you all , See ya in the game.. Peace to all..
  4. Thank you Thank you!!!! So glad to see this part...
  5. I have enjoyed my trip here.. Thank you for a job well done..
  6. still haveing fun!!! [what ever you want, i'll be happy]
  7. WOW!! I'm enjoying this... Very nice job.. Keep up the great work...