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  1. Thank you, now everything is fine. There are so many different patches and fixes that it's hard to know what to use.
  2. As I already said: I use the launcher but I still have those problems. Old games are weird, Warner Bros should just sort their 'frack' out, think logical and re-release the game. Nicole Boguth also voices the female Shepard from Mass Effect (Jen Taylor however is not her voice). I think it's strange that voice actors are completely unkown while they are a big reason why you like a character or not. Would be cool to see "seyiuu"-like (japanese name for the job) fame for our voice actors. They are stars over there.
  3. Ok, I tested some stuff. After reinstalling the game in german and swapping the d3d.ren file i can launch the game in 1080p without problems. The only option that doesn't work is my native screen resolution of 1440p (keeps switching back to 640x480). I also have the problem that the zoom crosshair is only 4:3 so you still see what's happening left and right which leads to extreme stuttering when zooming in. The guns (the lockpick-tool definately) are also quite stretched. I figured that i just download the widescreen-fix from the download section but then realized that it would overwrite the NOLF.exe that was changed with the launcher. Another thing is that i have a somewhat stuttering mouse in the menus which I thought should be fixed with the fix provided in the launcher-tool. Ingame everything is fine though.
  4. Now I get it. The downloaded version works perfectly fine. Really strange ... but this leads to two new questions: - I use the launcher but the resolution that I pick is not used. It keeps switching back to 640x480. I tried enforcing it in the autoexec.cfg but it got me the same result. - Which files do I need to copy over from my discs to get the german voice-over? Or can I actually just install from my CDs and simply swap the d3d.ren file? I'm in love with Cates german voice (same voice-actress as german Cortana from Halo). The german version of the game was exceptionally well made. Seems like translation studios back then put in a little more effort than today.
  5. I dont understand why I should use the GOTY version from your dowlnoads if I already have mine and as far as i know the 32-bit installer is supposed to the same as the GOTY-installer? The Launcher didn't help btw.
  6. Editing apparently doesnt work. Just wanted to say: Eliteone founded SFI in Elite Force? I know you guys only played one season in the fun4gamers league but I still remember the good old days on the UNITED servers (>=TFF=>, The Funky Fraggers here )
  7. So I wanted to play this classic again but ran into problems. I have the GOTY edition and I played it last year on my windows 8.1 laptop without problems. Now I have windows 10 on my desktop PC and I get this error message when I try to start the game . I already updated my drivers and tried to install DirectX7 but that wasn't possible because the installer doesn't work. I have a feeling that the reason for this error are the new crimson drivers for AMD GPUs. I hope I'm wrong and some of you guys can help me
  8. Welcome to the forums Dangel :)