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  1. AngelLP

    NOLF 2 3rd person view ?

    I´ve already ticked it in the custom selection but when I enter the code nothing happens =(
  2. AngelLP

    Use patches and Mods ? XD

    Hi ! So when I first played NOLF 2 I just installed it and played some missions but later I found out that I should update it and I can run arround in third person =) Later I had some techniqual probems but by now everything is alright and after installing the 1.3 german patch for my german version the only differents I could see is in the launcher is now an option called custom. And when I wanted to use the weapons B5 or the spectator mode and ticked it in the custom option nothing happens when I do the instruction for these mods. Can someone pls tell me if there´s something wrong with the mods or with me and perhaps what elese and how I should do other stuff because I´m a bit confused by now ?
  3. AngelLP

    Unguilty shell dll cshell dll.exe

    Hi So I just played NOLF 2 like normal just a few moments ago before this happened i wanted to update the game and saw in my nolf 2 folder something that saied NOLF 2 update13 or something like that and thought run it and when i tried to start the game again it always is unguilty shell dll cshell dll.exe or something like that and I think my NOLF 2 folder looks a bit bigger now with more options i think because i couldn´t find things like custom and so on before. CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME HOW TO FIX IT ????!!!!??
  4. AngelLP

    NOLF 2 3rd person view ?

    Really ? No one knows O.o
  5. AngelLP

    NOLF 2 3rd person view ?

    Hi I was wondering how I can use the third person view in nolf 2 i already saw a few people doing this but i can´t find how because when I enter mpasscam in the talk chat nothing happens ?
  6. AngelLP

    2nd Disc in nolf 2 ?

    Hi I was just wondering what´s the 2nd disc in the nolf 2 bestseller series good for ?
  7. Welcome to the forums AngelLP :)