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  1. holycornholio2

    NOLF 1 Wineskin Crash

    I followed every step and the game still crashes every time i hit launch
  2. holycornholio2

    NOLF 1 Wineskin Crash

    Every time I try to play No one lives forever using the wineskin wrapper I made, the game crashes when I hit launch. Has someone created a wrapper for this game and had the same problem?[/background]
  3. holycornholio2

    NOLF 1 wineskin wrapper

    Hi, I downloaded NOLF disc 1 and disc 2 as well as the mac wrapper for the game from this website in order too play this game on my mac. When i selected setup.exe, it then asked for disc 2, which i could not install through wine. is there any way i can install the two discs at the same time?
  4. holycornholio2

    Discussions not looking so good from WB...

  5. Welcome to the forums holycornholio2 :)